VIDEO: Mazzone on Arizona State

Offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about the lack of rollouts in the offensive playbook and his impression of Taylor Kelly...

Noel Mazzone:

On the game against Arizona State:
We're working hard. We treat every week the same. This game, they're all the same to us. We don't care who we're playing. We're preparing hard each the same. Obviously there are some ramifications on this one. Every game you play there are ramifications. We attack every week the same way.

On if the young OL prevents rolling out Brett Hundley:
No. Those are the guys who really have grown so much in the last three weeks, the offensive line, the three freshman in there. I'm really happy with the way they're playing. The only thing that prevents from rolling Hundley out is me, because I don't call those plays.

On coaching Taylor Kelly:
Yeah, TK was there. He was a freshman when I got there. Exactly what you see on film. Game day guy, makes a lot of plays, creates plays for you. Good quarterback, smart, understands the game. Exactly what you see. He's one of the top quarterbacks in the country. He really makes that offense go. I'm really excited and happy for him. His offense, I know Mike Norvell and them have done a great job of really playing to his strengths. I'm excited to watch TK too.

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