VIDEO: Spanos Talks Defense

Defensive coordinator Lou Spanos talks about his philosophy on blitzing versus containing quarterbacks and Taylor Kelly's ability...

Lou Spanos:

On playing man coverage the last few weeks:
We've been mixing up the coverages, playing man, a little bit of zone, some pressure, some forms of zone pressure too, we're trying to change it up a little too, but we still need a little work on assignments.

On Tahaan Goodman:
He did a really nice job, when he got on the field he made a big play at the beginning of the game. He had a good game. He still needs time, still needs more rep and more experience, but the more he's on the field, the better he gets.

On Arizona State's strength:
Their tempo offense. They're a really fast offense and their quarterback does a good job of running the show. The running back has been scoring a lot. He does a great job with play action too, and getting the ball to his receivers. It's a great challenge for us.

On ASU using their back as a receiver:
You have to go in the gameplan, knowing you have to account for everyone. They have five skill players and six with the quarterback, we have to figure out how to account for them all.

On containing mobile quarterbacks:
It's what's best for the defensive success for the team, we just adjust each week with what the offense's strengths are and try to slow them down.

On if Taylor Kelly reminds him of any other quarterback:
He's his own man. He does a nice job. He got better on his passing since last season. He's matured and he controls the offense.

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