VIDEO: Payton on Lucien's Touchdown

Wide receiver Jordan Payton talks about the increased confidence in Devin Lucien after his first touchdown...

Jordan Payton:

On preparing for Arizona State:
We're fine. I think that every game this year has been some type of pressure game. We always know that with Pac-12 opponents, everything is at stake, so we just have to come out and play football. Do what we've been doing the whole year.

On the film of Arizona State:
They're fast. They play football. Bunch of football players over there. Especially their secondary. It's going to take a lot to get after them and we're looking forward to it.

On Devin Lucien:
Devin is always the loud and talkative one, nothing has really changed. Definitely so happy for him that he got his first career touchdown last week. It's a credit to him, he's been really grinding it and getting after it. He's definitely deserved it and definitely deserves more and we're excited for Saturday. This game messes with you a little bit. Sometimes the ball comes your way. I think the ball comes your way, the ball doesn't. Its like dice, it might happen. Sometimes the play won't go that way. He wasn't getting the opportunity, but he finally did and finally got in.

On heading into the last two games:
Continue to play the way we've been playing and continue to take advantage of the opportunities. We won't have many. This ASU team is good, so we have to play the way we play and capitalize on any opportunities.

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