VIDEO: Martin on Secondary

Defensive backs coach Demetrice Martin talks about Fabian Moreau's development, how Ishmael Adams makes up for his height, and more...

Demetrice Martin:

On Fabien Moreau:
He's coming along good. A lot of things he's doing are still new to him, it's still a brand new position to him. Some of the things he's showing, he's flashing now. He's starting to do everything well now. Obviously he's fighting through injuries that's tapering him off a little bit, but he's learning to fight through injuries, nobody is healthy at this point in the season, and just fight through it.

On if teams are attacking Ishmael Adams because of his height:
I think they target that but Ishmael has great ball skills and he has great FBI, football intelligence, where he puts himself into positions to make plays and that kind of makes up for his lack of height, but I think quarterbacks do target him, being that he's a shorter guy. He's already got a bulldog mentality so sometimes I have to taper it down a little bit. He makes a big play, I'm like you have to move on to the next play, forget about it and on to the next play.

On the technique he teaches:
The main thing is putting himself in a good position before the play. What we teach them is late wins and sometimes you have to put them in a position to win on the way down. You might have to win on the way down, make sure that receiver doesn't come down in bounds, because you may not be able to win on the jump ball.

On some of the young guys backing up others and dealing with them:
Film doesn't lie. Each and every day, our practices we go out and work. They understand. Obviously they're frustrated because they want to be out on the field, but they understand they've got a lot of growth. They're catching up.

On if the players have grown up faster:
Me as a position coach, it's never fast enough, but they are starting to mature right before our eyes and they're grasping on to the schemes and the techniques and they're reaping the benefits and starting to make plays. We just have to be consistent each and every day.

On looking at the question marks in the secondary as a challenge:
As a coach, anything you can turn into a positive or a sense of motivation, even if we weren't tabbed as the weakest, I probably would have turned it into, it's on us. That's the model that we take. No matter how the outside looks, we take that on as a team. That's the number one, golden rule of the secondary, protect the team.

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