VIDEO: Mora on Thursday

Jim Mora updates the status of a few injured players and also talks about last year's ASU game and Will Sutton...

Jim Mora:

Opening statement:
It was a good week. I think we're locked in. We understand the implications of this game, we understand the type of team that we're getting ready to play. We're excited that we're playing them at home this year and we should have a good crowd. It's Senior Day, our last opportunity for our seniors to run out onto the field in a regular season game, and what we're doing is working on getting them one more opportunity to run back out there after this one. These guys understand what we need to do on Saturday, and I like where we're at emotionally and I like where we're at physically as well.

On Simon Goines being back:
I would hope that we would Every day, he's getting a little bit better. It's just a matter of him feeling like he can go out and play productively. He didn't even suit up last week. This week, we'll probably suit him up. We'll have to see how he is on Saturday, we still have about 48 hours, but he's been doing a really good job with his treatment. It would be a heck of a bonus if we have to suit him up, because this is a good front we're going up against. It's an all hands on deck.

On the running backs:
The running back situation looks good. Jordon had a good week of practice, Malcolm has been cleared and Paul Perkins is doing well, so that gives us three guys that are doing well. We used Myles a little bit last week, we'll see how that goes, that's kind of a play it by ear thing. But we need them all. I know that Malcolm has been cleared, and our doctors are extremely, extremely careful about that. Dr. DiFiore is one of the leading experts, in my opinion, of head injuries and he doesn't take it lightly, and we don't take these kids health lightly. But the fact that he's been cleared is good, but we have to be careful with him and watch out for him.

On if he can be coy with Myles Jack as a running back anymore:
Arizona State knows he's going to get some carries. They know that, everyone knows that. That package has been effective for us, it's just a matter of, how much. How much can you do with them, knowing that last year, in the fourth quarter, he was creased. It was hard for him to play defense. Carrying the ball 13 times on offense and carrying a full load on defense, that's hard. That's really, really hard. I think we just have to do a really good job of managing. It's not easy, it's a conundrum. Because you see what he can do. You can't just kill this kid, he's 18 years old.

On if Jordon James' ankle injury has been more nagging:
I'll be honest, I probably made a mistake, by letting him play against Colorado. That's on me. He wanted to play. I think sometimes, the coaches job is to protect the player from himself and he went in there and he tweaked it a little bit, so it's nagged, but he's really been good this week. Like last week, when he was going out for a swing pass, he couldn't burst off of it, but this week, I haven't seen anything, I haven't seen him limp or favor it and that's a good thing for us because when he's healthy, he's a really good back for us.

On if Devin Fuller will be back:
That will be a gametime decision. He's coming along better during the week, but that will be a game time decision.

On the 2-minute drill in the ASU game last year:
I think just from the whole drive was Brett's poise and our confidence as an offense, that we were going to be able to get it done. I remember Joe's big catch on the sideline. But mostly just Brett, his confidence, his poise, especially for a young guy against an outstanding defense. And then just being confident that Ka'imi was going to go in there and make that kick. Even though he struggled a bit during the year, there was just a sense of confidence that he was going to make that kick, that he was going to go out there and make it.

On if that was a special moment for Brett:
Probably, and at home. In his home state. I think you'd have to ask him how it felt, but I thought it was a pretty special moment for this football team.

On if he worries about a young team in a close game:
Well, I think about it. They're a very veteran football team. When you look at their defense in particular, they start eight seniors, two juniors and a freshman and on offense, you know what we play with. I think what has helped us is the last few weeks, where it's been tight, it's been tough, where if we get into a tight game, we know how to function. We know how to handle it. We're not going to get overwhelmed by the situation, we'll know how to handle the environment and pressure. Regardless of age, that's a good thing for us.

On ASU's defensive front:
We're getting a healthy Will Sutton. He's a dynamite player. He's something special. The more you watch him, the more you respect him. I try to compare him to some of the greats I've watched in the NFL and he's got John Randle-type explosiveness, he's got Warren Sapp-type pass-rush ability. The Williams kid who used to play in Minnesota, that kind of power. He's got really good moves in his rush. The guy is, if someone is looking for a 3-tech in the draft next year early, he's absolutely a first round pick and he might be a top-5, top-10 pick, he's got that much ability. He's big time. If they could have a supplemental draft today, they could take him. He's a really good kid.

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