VIDEO: Hundley on ASU, USC

Brett Hundley talks about the missed opportunities against the Sun Devils and how he feels heading into the big game against USC...

Brett Hundley:

On preparing for USC:
It's a fun week. The whole town is buzzing, it's a big game. It will be a fun little matchup.

On the Arizona State game on tape:
Obviously after a tough loss, you look at all the critical things that happened. We played one hell of a game, we just came up so short. We fell behind in the first half and that hurt a little bit, but we had the opportunity to win the game, but it came up short.

On if the QB draw on the next-to-last drive was an audible:
No, sometimes I'd tell Myles what to do, and talk to the line.

On the front seven similarities between Arizona State and USC:
Their defense is really sound. They have a strong front seven and it's going to be a challenge. When this offense gets going and we start running the ball and throwing it with efficiency, it's hard to stop it, no matter who we're playing.

On the significance of last year's win over USC:
That was the one thing we sort of wanted to change. The whole aura of UCLA being the little school in L.A. Now it's a different story. We're here and there are two great schools and the rivalry is big and back. One year doesn't change the whole thing but it's a start.

On how his star changed since then:
It's crazy how much the UCLA and Southern Cal game changes thing. To our fans, it's the game of the year, we can do nothing and win this game and it would still be a successful season.

On USC having motivation with Ed Orgeron now coaching:
We go ahead with the game plan. Whatever they're doing over there, it's up to them. To us, it's another football game that we have to come out and play.

On how much the win changes the balance of power in Los Angeles:
It's going to mean a lot. Both teams, they're 9-3, we're 8-3. Rankings are, we're really close, right next to each other, just like last year. It's going to be a pretty fun game. We're both right on the edge of where we want to be and winning the 10th game.

On if the rivalry stood out to him when he was in Arizona:
Being from Arizona and not knowing I would be coming to UCLA eventually, there were a lot of big time games, but even in Arizona, everyone was wild about them. It's not just one of the biggest rivalries here because it's in L.A., it's one of the biggest rivalries in college football. It's sort of fun to know you're playing in it and taking part in it.

On how he feels he's done to elevate his game:
I think one thing I've done as I've watched film is maturing as a quarterback. On and off the field. On the field you can see, last year it was a more simple offense. You had key throws. Now you're dropping back, you're reading defense. You have control of the whole offense. Not everything is perfect but a lot of things, I think I've improved upon.

On a win at the Coliseum, which would be UCLA's first since 1997:
It would be huge. It's a very loud and exciting place to play, it's always fun to go into a place, we went in to Utah, and hadn't put up points there for a number of years, and Nebraska, not winning there for a long time, we always find a way to push out victories and that's what we'll have to do again this week.

On if Anthony Barr's hit on Matt Barkley symbolized anything:
I think it just symbolized where this team was and how we changed and where we are now. It symbolized our mindset, not just towards that game but to the season and sort of what we're trying to accomplish. We're a new team and a different kind of team and we're trying to show what we've done these past two years.

On watching USC's defense:
I'm going to sit down today and break it down.

On his impression of Myles Jack in pass protection:
He did alright. Its tough just putting someone in there. Running with the ball and just taking off is pretty simple, and that's what I said, the offense you can't just put someone in there. Telling him what to do and him learning it in five days and trying to play fast with it is complicated for anybody, but he's coming along and he did a good job on Saturday.

On if the USC rivalry feels different since when he came to UCLA:
I've always felt like the rivalry was really big, but now, just because we're so close, records, rankings, we've come so far, and both teams have come to this point, it really makes it that much more epic of a game. It will be a fun one on Saturday, I can't wait.

On if a loss means the season fell short of expectations:
Not at all. Right now, we're not even thinking, if we lose. We have to get in there and get a W.

On if he's considered the NFL Draft:
To be honest, I haven't even really thought about it. It will be a hard decision to make. After the SC game, everybody will be ears up. Obviously after SC, I'll be able to think. After SC or after the bowl game, we'll be able to make that decision.

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