VIDEO: Su'a-Filo Talks O-Line

Offensive lineman Xavier Su'a-Filo talks about the difficulties against Arizona State and whether he's thought about the NFL Draft...

Xavier Su'a-Filo:

On bouncing back against USC:
First of all, Arizona State is a good team. That was a good game and we battled it out until the end. We shouldn't need any other extra motivation. It's our crosstown rivals, this game means a lot and everyone knows what's on the line.

On if there were any emotions on what could have been his last game at the Rose Bowl:
Yeah, there were a few. I just was trying to focus on the game. I didn't really think about it until after. But I definitely felt it for all of our seniors.

On if he's leaning way or another on his decision for next year:
I'm undecided.

On if he's been sick:
I'm just coming back. I had it for three weeks, no voice. I think some of you guys saw me and couldn't hear me. My voice is just coming back now.

On how they're approaching USC this week:
Our preparation early in the week is like any other team. They play good, they play hard and we respect them and we have to come out and prepare. It doesn't matter what's happened prior to the game for either team for the season. USC is going to play us tough and we're always going to play them tough.

On what he tells the younger linemen after their struggles against Arizona State:
They have to learn from it. They're young guys. That shouldn't be an excuse. Nine sacks, that's pretty unacceptable if you ask me. That's not just, that's our whole offensive group. But as offensive linemen, we have to take that on us. I tell Alex and Scott, get better, work on other things and get ready for a tough battle this week.

On if he had any games like that as a freshman:
Not that I can remember, man, that was a really long time ago.

On if only having Simon Goines for a quarter messed with the chemistry:
No, I don't think so. Simon is one of my best friends and I was sad to see him go down. While he was in there, he did pretty well. Scott coming in, it was just like it had been the rest of the year. We try to get into a situation where whoever we put in, we'll be fine. Scott had already played later in the year, so we felt fine.

On the USC-UCLA rivalry and if last year symbolized anything:
I think it symbolized the start of a change, but every single year, it's going to be a battle. It's always a big deal, always a big game. I lost to Southern Cal once, and I beat them once, and got to win one again, because I don't plan on losing. I know a lot of guys on that team, it's always a good program, but the reality is, they're going to play us tough so we're going to play them tough too.

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