VIDEO: Kendricks on ASU Issues

Eric Kendricks discusses the issues UCLA had defending the zone read last Saturday and whether it's easier going against a pro style offense...

Eric Kendricks:

On the USC Game:
It's a big rivalry game, it's SC and everyone is excited to play.

On watching film of the Arizona State game:
Zone reads are tricky when you have a great quarterback who can make the right read at the right time. I felt like we really buckled in in the second half. We got some stops in the second half.

On the disappointment of the first half:
Absolutely, they came out with a little different scheme, they had a tight end that was dropping back that created a little extra gap and we had a little trouble with it. We stopped it in the second half, we made adjustments.

On not having Myles Jack on defense:
It hurt us, pretty good. He's a pretty good player. We needed him. We could have gotten the job done without him, we just needed to handle our business, which we didn't get done the first half.

On how Taylor Kelly stacked up with other running quarterbacks:
The Pac-12 man, there are a lot of running quarterbacks. It was a good scheme. I feel like they had it. Hats of to him, he did an excellent job.

On USC's offense:
They have a strong front, they run it really well, they have a lot of backs. Off the run they throw the play action. They're really explosive and we have to stop them.

On their focuses on USC:
We have to get our keys right in play action, get the run fits down and run to the ball.

On if defending USC's pro-style offense is easier than the zone read:
Maybe not because we've defended mostly spread offenses, pro-style is a little different. We have to get back in the books and get in the film. Mainly comes down to practice and technique.

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