VIDEO: Adams on Secondary

Ishmael Adams discusses how the secondary did in Fabian Moreau's absence and whether or not he'll be returning kicks permanently...

Ishmael Adams:

On bouncing back from a loss:
We go in as any every other game. We just have to get ready. It's a big week and we know it. We're focused and into the game.

On bouncing off the hits as a returner:
I was just thinking forward. When I got hit, I knew I got hit. I kind of lost where I was for a second, but once I stayed on my feet, it was back forward again. It's a little balance you have to use and momentum.

On if he's been told he'll stay as a returner:
I hope I am. I think I did a pretty good job. I had great blocking down field. I just have to finish them. That's the focus for me, the ball and then finish.

On if he'd done any returning in high school:
My senior year I did it a little bit. And I was ok. I scored one. Kick return, I did it once. Once I got here, that's when I started to catch them. I did some running back. It's not too foreign. I had to remind myself what I could do with it a little bit.

On the 'musical chairs' in the secondary on Saturday:
It's what a great secondary can do. We have so many parts that can play a big role in this team, like wide receivers can and we can too. It just makes us so much better so when a new group comes out, if we're tired, we can bring in a new group. It's a great tool we can use.

On if things chance if Fabien Moreau is out:
We have some parts that can come in. We'll work everything out and let the coaches decide what's best. We're going to work our butts off in practice this week and be sure to go.

On the safeties moving to cornerback:
These guys are used to this position, they practice at this position. We just want to get the best players on the field at the time. And now that everyone has come along, they've had their games, we're all young, now that the guys have come along who need to come along, now it doesn't matter where we play.

On what the rivalry means:
It means a lot. It's the history. Most of them grown up together. This is the biggest rivalry in L.A. and it means a lot to them and all of us. We have to come at it as any other game and keep the emotions intact and prepare to fight. As a kid, to get to the next level, you had stages. This was one of the biggest ones. I'm a huge Lakers fan as well.

On playing a rivalry game after a loss like the one on Saturday:
It helps out a lot because that was a heartbreaking moment. Especially for me. And so to lose those goals, it was a little heartbreaking. But this is just as important as that was. We can't feel bad for ourselves and end like any other year. We have to show that this is a different team and we can bounce back from losses.

On if the rivalry is turning:
We just take one year at a time. They have a long history. Nine years, I'd heard. I was watching those games and at one point, I thought the Rose Bowl was the USC home field, because I wasn't raised out here. It's a joy to be on the other side and I love being on the team I have.

On the mood in the locker room after the weekend:
They came back ready to go. We still think about it, it's always going to be in the back of our heads, but we have to keep moving forward.

On watching USC on film:
I've seen them versus a few teams. Their defense is great, I know that. We have to do our part and stop their threats.

On playing a pro-style offense after going against spread offenses:
Take away the read option and then a lot of play action if you can't stop the run. I feel like those are things we can do. Play action is like the read option. I feel like we can get the job done.

On facing play-action:
We got a little bit from Mariota. It's a different type of play action though. We have an NFL coaching staff and they've been playing against that. So I think that helps us.

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