UCLA and Ware Part Ways

The Corona Centennial receiver propect, Barry Ware, had been committed to UCLA since spring, but it was expected that he and UCLA would go their separate ways...

Barry Ware was the first player in the class of 2014 to commit to UCLA announcing way back in March. There had been some rumblings of late that the two parties could go their separate ways and that came to fruition on Monday.

"I just wanted to open things up and keep my options open," Ware said. "We ended on good terms, I'm still cool with UCLA but I just wanted to open everything up and right now, I'm open to everyone.

It was pretty well-known that Ware would need to improve academically to qualify for admission to UCLA, and that still remains an issue.

"Utah and Washington State offered me early on and I'm interested in both. Like I said though, I'm interested in everyone, Washington, Arizona State, anyone that would be interested in me, I'm interested in them. I just need to get my senior tape together and get that out and then hopefully a few more options will open up for me."

This weekend, Centennial will play Upland in a CIF semi-final game.

"I like how our team is playing," Ware said. "We went through a little slump early on but we're playing well now. The team is winning and that's all that matters. I'm pretty happy with how I've been playing, every receiver always wants the ball more but as long as we're winning, I'm happy."

At 6-3, 205 pounds, Ware is a big target with good speed. He's a physical receiver who can create separation with his size and is very good in jump ball situations. He'll be a dangerous red zone threat but runs well enough to stretch the field as well.

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