VIDEO: Jefferson on USC

Junior safety Anthony Jefferson talked about the Trojans, their receivers and offense, and also about playing cornerback...

Junior defensive back Anthony Jefferson talked to us after practice.

On playing against USC:
I've been looking forward to playing these guys since I came into UCLA. Just last year, seeing a glimpse of it and how big a game it was, them coming to our house at the Rose Bowl, it's something I've been waiting for since I've been here.

On his background in the rivalry:
Growing up in L.A., you get to see both teams. When I was younger, I didn't realize how big it was on TV. But last year, to actually be in the game, and for it to be a close game and how crazy the fans were and for everyone to be in the game like that, I've never been in anything like that.

On the trash talk in the series:
That's one of the biggest things, the smack talk. Right now, we're not really worried about that. When the game comes, we'll do whatever we need to do and just focus on the game plan.

On USC's success in recent history against UCLA:
Our generation, they had the Reggie Bush's and the Leinart's. Being in L.A., they were winning and that was one of the hot teams in L.A. As time goes, things start to change, and we're looking forward to getting another win this year.

On if it feels like things are changing now:
Definitely, we have a whole new team, a whole new coaching staff and we're looking forward to this rivalry and getting another win.

On if he knows guys at USC:
I knew Robert Woods and Marqise, I played against them in high school.

On Marqise Lee:
He was a phenomenal player, one of the best receivers in college football. We definitely have to keep an eye on him. So is Nelson Agholar, he's been doing good this year.

On if USC has the best wide receiver 1-2 punch:
Yeah, probably, one of the best wide receiver duos. As far as actual duos. They're phenomenal athletes.

On if that puts pressure on the UCLA secondary:
We know the situation, they're good receivers, so no matter who is out there, you have to know who you're guarding, what coverage you're going to do. We're up to the challenge.

On if he'd like to line up at corner:
Yeah, I wouldn't mind- either corner or safety. If that's what the defense needs at the time, then that's what I'm going to do.

On if he'll play cornerback if Fabien Moreau can't go:
It might be in the game plan, we're working on a rotation right now and you never know what will happen at the end of the week.

On Cody Kessler:
He's a really good quarterback. He likes to make plays in the pocket and escapes pressure and I think these past couple of games, he's been leading his team to victories and been getting it done and we have to make note of that. We have to contain him and not let him outside the pocket. I think he's just getting his confidence. He's getting some wins under his belt and he's playing better than he did at the beginning of the season. He's a good quarterback and he's found his rhythm and we have to contain him.

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