VIDEO: Mazzone on USC's Defense

Offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about the defensive front for USC and how the offensive line did against ASU...

Noel Mazzone:

On going against Ed Orgeron, who he coached with at Ole Miss:
I've been in this profession for 32 years. It's not very often I don't coach against someone I've ever worked with, I've known or that's been a friend for a long time so it's no different than any other week.

On what SC's defense presents:
Athletic. They're a deep front, just like last week. They've got a very athletic, big defensive front. Our little ankle biter guys are going to have to go in there and battle against these guys. Hold up on the inside. That's been the challenge in the last week and this week, offensively, is the fronts.

On if they bring a lot of pressure:
Not really, because they don't need to. Now, I'll say that and they'll bring pressure every down. Clancy is a hell of a football coach, he's always giving me problems. When I watch them on film, I think that they're good enough in the front four, he doesn't need to add anything.

On if ASU did anything different:
Anytime you play against a young offensive line, those moving parts are hard. You teach them how to hit a stationary target and then all of the sudden, targets start moving and it takes a little more experience to be successful against that type of stuff. My credit to ASU, that defense, I think that front four has an average starting time of four years, against my one years. And Sutton and Devon and Bradford, I know all those kids, they've played a lot of football and do a great job. It's just a matter of experience and our kids just doing a little bit better job of doing twists and different things. They're going to see the same thing this weekend.

On if he does anything differently:
We are who we are, we're morphing in to we hope, to be honest with you, I haven't been this excited about a group of guys because I can just see the upside of this whole group of kids and I think they'll be tremendous. I know we're going to get some black eyes and bloody noses, it just goes with the territory. But these kids stay in there, and fight and they've got a lot of ability out there. I just think one day, watch out.

On the differences between USC's front and ASU/Utah:
Big. I think you put them all, Utah, ASU, Southern Cal, those guys, I think that whole group is a solid defensive front. They're mature and have some experience there, they're big and physical and I see the same thing this week.

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