VIDEO: Mora after USC

UCLA head coach Jim Mora talks about the meaning of beating USC at the Coliseum, what it could mean for recruiting, and where it ranks among his biggest wins...

Jim Mora after USC:

Opening statement:
I thought our 'little boys' played good tonight.  That was a heck of a game and lot of fun. It reminded me when I was a kid coming here when my dad was coaching at UCLA and coming here watching both teams in their home uniforms at night. I had flashbacks. What a great night for L.A.. Both teams were so competitive. I'm so proud of these kids, our young men, for how they fight and come back every week.  There is something growing there.  It's pretty special. To come in here on a Saturday night and get this win. It tells you where this program is headed.  We have to continue to nurture it and do a great job in recruiting.  I tell you what, in this town, you win two in a row? That's going to help us in recruiting.  If I'm a high school player, I want to play at UCLA right now.  Is that legal?  Is that legal to say?  I'm not a high school player, so I have to keep recruiting.  As a matter of fact, we're heading out on the road tomorrow.  We just have to get after it. I'm kind of wound up.

On if this is the biggest win of his tenure at UCLA
I'd agree with that.  I would.  We've had some good wins. The Nebraska wins have been big. We beat Southern Cal last year. But this one, on the road and coming off of the ASU game, to take us out of the Pac-12 championship game.  to come in here where they've won and where Coach O has done a great job, to get this win, I'd agree.

On momentum in the rivalry:
We've got this right now but we have to play them in 12 months. It's temporarily, but I'll tell you what,  it's nice to have it two years in a row though.  I think it shows you what's going on at UCLA.  It's an exciting time to be at UCLA man, it's an exciting time to be a Bruin.  You want to have fun?  Play for a tough, hard-nosed football team, come to UCLA, because it's brewing over there. 

On the defense: 
Our defense played its butts off.  Coach Spanos, Coach McClure, Coach Meat, Coach Brick.  We kept it simple and played hard. We got after the quarterback and they ran the ball well for a while but we got that under control too. It's no secret to playing good defense.  Assignment, playing with great technique. it's about playing with good technique and then setting your hair on fire and playing football.

On Brett Hundley:
He's been running pretty well all year.  He had 13 carries for 98 yards.  I think Brett has a lot of confidence in himself in the open field.  He's a big, physical guy.  And when it's open, let him go.  Let him run.  He makes plays with his feet, he makes plays with his arm.  He's a good football player. 

On whether he thinks Brett Hundley will return for his junior season
I don't. I tried to sucker him in on the ESPN interview and say 'I'm coming back.'  He said 'I'm not ready to do that yet.'  We'll see. I don't know what his timetable is. I feel very hopeful and confident he'll want to stay part of this thing. This thing is special and you don't want to rush through this thing. The lure of the NFL is great, but there's nothing like a night like tonight. You don't get that in the NFL. That was more exciting tonight than playing in the Super Bowl, man.  That was awesome.  And you don't get that there.  So why rush through life man? That stuff is going to be there later.  Enjoy it.  And make sure you show that to him.

On their first win at the Coliseum since 1997:
Since 1997?  Darn, that's a long time.  There was a whole lot of blue up there.  Nobody had left.  Go over there and honor our fans.  Our fans have been awesome all year.  You think about the crowds we've had, in the Rose Bowl.  I don't know what we average, but it's a lot.  75,000 fans in the Rose Bowl. They come and support us tonight, we're going to honor them.

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