VIDEO: Hundley after Huge Win

Quarterback Brett Hundley says that he's undecided on whether he'll come out for the NFL Draft and also talks about owning L.A...

Brett Hundley:

On his stat line:
That was a lot of plays to be made, and we made them. Our O-Line did a great job today and our receivers balled. I just dished them the ball.

On Mora trying to get him to announce he was coming back.:
He tried to jump me right there in the height of the excitement. I'm still focused on the season. After the season, we'll get together and sit down. Obviously Coach Mora wants me to come back. But it's a big decision. I have to sit down and think about it and decide after the bowl game.

On if this is the biggest win for the team:
It's a big win for us, just because last year against USC, nobody gave us credit for it. And this win validates us for what we did last year and what we're doing this year. The one thing that is funny to me, I never thought of this as a battle, I thought of this as a take-over.  UCLA runs L.A. and we have another year to say it. 

On if he knows if he's coming back:
I don't right now.  Still, it's up in the air.

On the culture change:
I think it's the whole process and stepping up to the plate.   No one gave us credit and we're doing it now.

On what head coach Jim Mora means to this program:
The stuff he brought to the team and the way we flipped around, and 2-0 versus USC. The aura of the program, everything's changed and we're really seeing it.

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