VIDEO: Spanos After Win Over 'SC

Defensive coordinator Lou Spanos talks about how the defense managed to stop USC's attack, and talks about what the win means to him in his second year as a college coach...

Lou Spanos:

On the defense's performance:
They did an excellent job. At the beginning, we told them that we had to stop the run. They did a nice job the first couple of series, then they had a nice drive, credit to them. And then we made a couple of adjustments. Of course, they made some nice plays in the passing game. They scored one on a plus-twenty, fixed a couple of things there and then did a great job of making plays at the point and running on the stack. And running to the ball. We created a turnover in the 4th quarter, I think Myles recovered and the relentless of the defense.

On having Myles Jack back on defense:
It was good. He had a good week of practice. Got a couple of little adjustments in practice and it was nice to have him. The other guys on the defense too, the D-Line. They did a really nice job too. Cassius had a good game, Kenny Clark did too, Ellis and Eddie. All across, I could name all of the players, like 18 or 19 of them. The freshman did a nice job too, it wasn't too big for them. They knew the rivalry and the tradition and the upperclassmen did a nice job, telling them what it meant.

On the secondary:
They did a nice job. I think that total passing of 174 yards, I think the biggest one was a 22-yarder, they did a nice job of covering. We did some man, some zone, and they did a nice job of communicating. They responded and made some nice tackles.

On if USC's offensive line injuries contributed:
No, because we stress here at UCLA, whoever is in the game, the standard doesn't change and the guys who came in executed their assignments.

On Anthony Barr:
I don't make comparisons, because that's not fair for Anthony, but I do know this, Anthony Barr is a tremendous player and a tremendous individual and he's a game changer. You saw today, in the two years we've been with him, he's a special player on and off the field. And I can't say enough good things about Anthony. I'll enjoy the last few weeks, and the bowl game. His future is bright. I've got nothing but love for him.

On the excitement being mroe than a Super Bowl:
Exciting. Last year, going to the game, I heard about the rivalry. But actually at the game, I was like, oh, this is something special. And then this year, to be away, it meant a lot. For the our student athletes, our students, our university and alumni, this is only my second year in college, but it means a lot. Great history and tradition.

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