VIDEO: Lucien No Little Boy

Devin lucien talks about the disrespect he felt from Ed Orgeron's pregame comments and says he doesn't want the season to end, given the hot streak he's on...

Devin Lucien:

On remembering the last visit to the Coliseum:
I was just watching it. I remember Dan Guerrero coming down when, yeah. To see all the fans leaving? That made my day. I'm just excited. I'm excited for the next game.

On Ed Orgeron's comments:
Who's little now? That's all I have to say. Coach O is a great coach, but he had no business saying that. Point blank, period.

On owning this town:
It means everything to me. I wasn't able to play last year so coming out here and finally getting a win on these guys. I know a lot of the players on this team. And now I've got bragging rights for a year. Everything is good until next year, we have to forget about it. But this is a great win and this is EASILY the happiest I've ever been in my life.

On another big game:
You're supposed to show up in November, at the end of the season. It was a slow start, but it picked up and I'm happy it did. I did start off slow, but I did my thing at the end and it's been going the way it is. I'm blessed, so blessed.

On how much he wanted his overturned touchdown:
It was Brett's touchdown but I wanted it. It's alright, though, I got next year. Everyone forgets, I have two more years, and I love this school, I'm not going anywhere and I'm just excited to play and just so happy, so freaking happy.

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