Editorial: UCLA Needs to Step Up

If UCLA wants to keep Jim Mora, it needs to decide if it wants to be an elite program or not...

When it comes down to it, Jim Mora probably won't take the Washington head coaching job.

But there is a chance he does.

What would make him consider it: a lack of commitment financially from UCLA.

Mora is not a personally greedy guy. He doesn't want money for himself. He doesn't even care much about his own salary. He just wants a big boost in available funds to pay his assistants.

UCLA needs to decide what it wants to be. Does it want to play big-boy football and compete to win national championships? If it does, then it needs to make the financial commitment. UCLA finally has a great coach that has a chance to win at the highest level, but just needs the resources to do it. Right now, that's being able to pay his assistants, and pay any other elite assistants he can get.

If you're a UCLA fan, and you know anyone who has some pull with the UCLA Athletic Department, urge them to call their contact at the AD, and compel UCLA to give Mora the money to pay his assistants. And do it immediately.

Washington, right now, is ready to go that extra mile for Mora. The question is: Will UCLA?

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