Polamalu Hired as RB Coach

UCLA has hired former USC assistant Kennedy Polamalu as its new running backs coach. He is known as a tremendous recruiter and coach...

UPDATE: We've heard now that Kennedy Polamalu has been hired as the running backs coach at UCLA. An announcement should be made tomorrow.

UPDATE: We've heard that there may be some additional hurdles in Polamalu being hired at USC, with a couple of sources indicating that the circumstances of Polamalu's soured relationship with Lane Kiffin and subsequent firing could preclude him from being rehired at USC.

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Our sources close to Kennedy Polamalu say that Jim Mora talked to Polamalu Sunday night about the running backs position and made a very compelling case. Polamalu greatly respects Mora, and from what we're hearing, he would like to make a move quickly in regards to a job next year. His priority would likely be to stay local since his son is at Loyola High School. If the NFL came at him, our source says, he'd have to consider it, but obviously, there's no NFL team in Los Angeles. And the NFL wouldn't come after him for a while, given when the NFL season ends, so logically, you'd have to think he's not going to put off a job in LA for the potential to get an NFL job.

The source thinks that, in an ideal world, USC would be Polamalu's first choice because of his long history there, but USC may still be a ways away from offering him the job. Steve Sarkisian had his own running backs coach at Washington, and the one that's currently in place at USC, Tommie Robinson, has done a good job, and all the players respect him. It might take some hurdles to hire him over those other guys and hire him quickly at USC, so we think it'd be unlikely.

So right now, our read is that there's a good chance UCLA is going to hire him, which would be a real coup. Our source has great respect for Polamalu, and the word in many circles is that he's not only a great running backs coach, but he's a great recruiter. He's a guy who can create bonds with both players and recruits. After he was fired by Lane Kiffin, there's a story where he had a farewell dinner and 30 USC players showed up to show him support. 

Also, as an upshot, being at Loyola, he has a relationship with 2014 offensive tackle Chris Brown. Polamalu coming to UCLA would potentially influence Brown's decision. Of course, there's also the connection to the Polynesian community, so his hiring would undoubtedly help with UCLA recruiting the many Polynesian targets in the 2014 class.

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