Richey Still Likes Bruins

The Bellevue (Wash.) offensive lineman, Morgan Richey, has UCLA in his final four...

Bellevue (Wash.) three-star offensive guard Morgan Richey celebrated another state title this past weekend.

"This is the greatest one so far," said Richey. "All through your high school career, you have state championships, but this one is the end of line. This was it. This was all we had left."

Richey put the capper on a 42-0 career at Bellevue by playing a full game.

"It felt nice to play into the fourth quarter," said Richey. "There was a point in the 4th quarter that they were subbing us out and we're like, you've got to be kidding. So they left us in."

With another state title under his belt, Richey can turn his attention to recruiting.

"I've kind of narrowed it down to Yale, Penn, Utah and UCLA," said Richey. "I'm visiting Penn this weekend and then Utah on the 16th of January."

Richey said that all four schools are equal.

"I've always thought about how I can use football to get the best education," said Richey. "With Utah, Yale, UCLA and Penn, they're all great schools. I can't make a dumb decision whatever way I go."

Richey said he anticipates making a decision next month.

"After my last visit, I'll make my decision in January," said Richey.

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