VIDEO: Thigpen on Injury, Future

Damien Thigpen talks about the ankle injury that has sidelined him, getting to play in his last game, and what his plans are for the future...

Damien Thigpen:

On his health going into the Sun Bowl:
I'm going to be back. I'll be back for my last game. I'm doing everything in my power. I'm definitely going to be playing, especially going against a team, I'm from Virginia.

On how he feels physically:
I'm feeling good. I have plenty of soreness. I know by the time of gametime, I'll be ready to go.

On his plans for the future:
I'm going to train at UCLA. Pursue that NFL career.

On how the year has been:
It's had it's ups and downs. Being down after my ACL injury, it took a little longer than expected, then I get back and have my hamstring and then my ankle after my first game started. It's a little adversity but it's going to make me stronger. It was meant to be and everything happens for a reason. It will make me hungrier for the next level.

On his recovery progression from the ACL injury:
I feel like it's still a progression in a sense. I can play, but I would hope and pray I can continue to progress to where I'm exactly the same way as before. Because it's easy to say, I don't feel exactly the same. Hopefully I keep progressing as I train.

On if that feeling will help him pursue the next level:
Definitely I do. I still have my speed and I want all my knee flexibility and all that. It gives me optimism. It will happen, I'll make it happen.

On having one last game:
It's going to help my confidence. Any opportunity I have, I'm going to be graciously taking it. I only have one more game with these guys and then I'll miss it for sure.

On his career at UCLA winding down:
It's definitely tough. You can get choked up in the emotions and be like, man i'm going to miss this team and the players. But it's just one chapter closing and another one opening and I'll embrace it and enjoy every last bit of this chapter at UCLA. I'm excited for the next level, but I'm definitely taking advantage of this. I look back on this time with the best memories.

On his favorite game at UCLA:
My favorite game? Man. I'd have to say three. Beating USC twice and Arizona State last year because that was my best game. To beat Southern Cal, those games are always great. The emotions are high. Arizona State too because that was my best game. Those three games.

On feeling like he was back on track before the ankle injury:
I definitely did. I was feeling really good. Coach Mora told me he was getting confident in me, all the coaches were getting confident in me. That's why I started the Arizona game. But things happen, I can't control it, that's out of my power. That's what supposed to happen. Hopefully I have great things ahead of me.

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