VIDEO: Su'a-Filo on Draft

Offensive lineman Xavier Su'a-Filo talks about the different things that will factor into his decision to leave or stay in school...

Xavier Su'a-Filo:

On any word back from the NFL:
Nope. Supposed to be a while. We'll see

On talking with people close to him about his decision:
Just Coach Mora and Coach Klemm. Two guys I trust in a lot. They've given me as much information as possible. And encourage me to do what I want to do and what's best for me and that's what makes it even harder. I'm trying to gather as much information as possible, from my parents too, weighing the pros and cons. So we'll see.

On if the potential for a big 2014 at UCLA weighs in:
I think it all factors in. The fact that we'll be scary good next year and also just loving the team. I can't go wrong, either decision or make.

On how close he is to graduating:
I've got a few quarters left. I've got to finish strong, but that's definitely a priority, to graduate.

On how much another full year at guard will help his status:
That's what I have to figure out. Trying to get that from people, and see what my coaches think. I honestly don't know.

On if he thinks he can compete right now at the NFL:
Yeah, definitely. Obviously I'd need to get stronger, but maturity wise, I think I can go on to play at the next level. I feel like I can be so much stronger. Every year in the offseason, my goal is getting stronger.

On if he's taken on a bigger leadership role this year:
No doubt. I was just talking about it that I played next to four different people this year at guard and tackle. All freshman or guys who haven't played much. Simon, Torian, Scott. I think it's huge for me to play at a high level and also lead by example and show guys. Being a leader is something I had to work on. I didn't consider myself a great leader. But seeing how I can be better. Coach Mora gave me a pamphlet about leadership. Little things. I'd look up online leadership books. I'm a little older than the younger guys. Brett, Jake and I had to step up.

On how much the line has changed over the season:
We're going to have to prove that there is no question. Everyone has always questioned the o-line. We have to do our job. We have to show our teammates they can trust us. We have a great Virginia Tech defensive line to face.

On how much a bowl win affects the whole season:
I think it just shows that you can finish strong. Teams have a long time to prepare and this shows a team that you put it together, focus and win a bowl game, it says a lot about the team and what they can do the next year. Last year's bowl game experience was cool in San Diego in going, but it sucks to lose. No one likes to lose. That's all I remember. For our program, for recruiting, getting that 10th win at UCLA will be huge.

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