VIDEO: Jack Talks Recruiting

Linebacker Myles Jack talks about his tumultuous recruiting process last year, how he's developed as a player this year, and how it'll be to play his last game next to Anthony Bar...

Myles Jack:

On Virginia Tech:
They're talented all the way around, their receivers are very good, their running backs are solid, their quarterback is a big dude who can sling it a little bit. They're just an overall talented team. Their quarterback can get out of the pocket, another mobile quarterback. Just stick to your assignments, do your job. If everyone does their job, and sticks to the plan, we'll be alright.

On his first practice at UCLA to where he's at now:
It's definitely come a long way. I was under water when they were recruiting me. That was rough. I felt like it was my first day playing football. To come from there to winning all those accolades, it shown the patience these coaches have had with me and the older guys along the way.

On his recruitment:
It was the worst period of my life. My phone was ringing every day, my Facebook, my mom's phone. That was terrible. I wasn't even highly touted, I can only imagine the five-stars like Eddie, but it was defintely hectic and I was ready to get it over with. I was ready to commit to UCLA and quiet the noise.

On advice he's given Bellevue teammates:
I would tell them, single your top five and visit each school and visit each school with open eyes. At the end of the day, thats where you have to live the last four or five. I was definitely swayed. Especially ASU. One day the pendulum was to ASU, and one day was to UCLA. My official to UCLA just kind of solidified everything and I wanted to be a Bruin.

On if he watched bowl games growing up:
That was the best time of the year. You're out of school, playing video games or going outside and hooping then coming inside and watch the bowl games. I watched them all from the Vegas Bowl to the national championship. My little brother and I watching games and enjoying it.

On the youth on defense:
You can't replace the guys we're losing, like Anthony, Jordan, the seniors, the DBs, the D-Linemen, even on the opposite side. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though with the young guys we have, myself, Eddie, Kenny Clark, the DBs, Tahaan, Priest, all the young guys we have on defense, Isaac. We're definitely looking forward to the future, but me personally, I'm trying to enjoy the last game with the guys that are here that won't be here next year.

On a defense without Anthony Barr:
That's going to be crazy. Without #11 to my right, that will be a new experience. I'm going to enjoy this game with him and just cherish it.

On how much he's learned from Barr:
I just learned something today from him. I'm learning something every day, pass rush, consistency, composure, he's got it all. I'm trying to suck up everything he's taught me before he moves on to the next level. But I've learned so much from him. Today, just as far as pass rush, flipping the hips. I've yet to get a sack, so this is my last chance at the season.

On if not having a sack eats at him:
Yeah, it eats at me a little bit. It is what it is. Anthony is the guy who gets the sacks.

On if the touchdowns make up for the lack of sacks:
Somewhat, but I'd rather have seven sacks than seven touchdowns. But I could use that to leverage.

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