VIDEO: Woulard Talks Season

Backup quarterback Asiantii Woulard talks about his development throughout the year and how the recruiting process went last year...

Asiantii Woulard:

On how the season has been:
It's gone well, I'm surprised it went by pretty fast. We're already playing in a bowl game, seems like just yesterday we were preparing for Nevada.

On where he thinks he's made the biggest strides:
I feel like I made strides in a few different places. Pocket presence, I'm still new to the position, I've only played it two years, so I'm still learning a whole lot. The offense, Im learning the things the defense does.

On learning more of the offense:
I feel like I have it down pretty well. Now it's a matter of doing it physically. As far as going through progressions, setting the protections, I think I'm doing pretty well.

On how being a scout team quarterback is helping:
Not so much helping in learning UCLA's offense, but, physically going against the 1s, so obviously not everything is clear, so I've been able to work on pocket presence, fitting into smaller windows. It helps because it's more of a cluster. Over here, it's a lot smoother, everyone knows where they're having to go.

On the biggest changes:
The pass rush is a lot faster in high school. Coming out here you dont have as long to look around. There is no sitting around and you can't scramble every time. You're forced to make better decisions.

On if he's preparing for the starting job should Brett Hundley leave:
Not so much, I'm just preparing for when my number is called and learn from him right now. I've learned a lot of things, as far as the mental room, he helped me a lot of going through progressions, different defenses. He's been behind me running our offense, reminding me who to read, who to key. He's walking with me every step of the way. I'm just trying to get better every day, if he does leave. I'm just trying to be ready if my number is called.

On what tells him he's ready:
Depending on how comfortable I am with the offense, and where I feel I'm better or where I've improved. Our protection and progression makes me most confident.

On his recruiting process:
Ah man, coming up, when you're first getting offered, you feel like you're the man. But when it comes up to crunch time, the week before, when you have to make a decision. I know it sounds bad and selfish, it's a really stressful situation. I know there are people who wish that they could have scholarships but it's a really stressful situation. You have only one shot so you have to make sure it's perfect. I feel like I did well. I took a piece of paper, wrote down everything, education, coaching, and checked off what each school had and then I'd take a visit there if I felt comfortable. On paper, it was the most checkmarks. It was as simple as that.

On if he hit a point he wanted to shut it down:
For certain individuals. Some guys can handle it. For some guys you want to step back, but if you're able to handle it and ignore it, it's not a necessity. I was able to handle it and ignore it.

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