VIDEO: Lee on Redshirting

Running back Craig Lee talks about his development this year and how it felt to go from starring in high school to redshirting his first year...

Craig Lee:

On his redshirt season:
It went pretty good. I got in the flow and the hang of the system, the tempo.

On learning things this season after a long offseason:
It was great because I was stressing a lot back then, but once I got here I was pretty calm, learning the game, the plays and all that.

On being on the scout team:
It was pretty tough when they split us up, you'd look to the left and see the other guys playing on the other field, but I just had to look at it as getting better and working on my technique so it was pretty good.

On what stood out to him:
The fundamentals of the game. In high school, you run left and you run right, but here you have to know where the guard is pulling. A pretty good experience though.

On if the running back injuries led to discussions of him playing this year:
Not really. There was at one time, but it didn't happen, and then guys were getting healthy.

On Kennedy Polamalu:
It's great, he has great energy, he knows a lot and he's good.

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