VIDEO: Lucien Talks Confidence

Devin Lucien talks about how he gained confidence as a kid and how it has impacted him as a player at the college level...

Devin Lucien:

On his confidence:
I feel like I showed up at the perfect time. It was crunch time and we were playing good teams and to have that confidence for next year. My confidence is important to me.

On his motivation to be better than receivers ranked ahead of him:
I want to be better than Victor Blackwell, he was ranked higher than me. George Farmer was ranked higher than me. Marqise Lee. I knew Victor being in L.A. And I competed with DeAnthony. There are so many. That's how I played in high school. I was ok as a sophomore and my junior year, but that's why I took off my senior year. Stuff got real.

On how he stacks up with those guys right now:
They're great players and I really haven't been keeping up with them, I've been worried about myself. So I don't know.

On if he was always this confident:
Ever since I was a kid. My dad used to throw footballs to me at 3 years old. He'd throw one at me and he'd say back up. I'm three years old. He throws me another and I back up. I don't care about the football, I care about the people watching. Hit's me the face. We don't play the game until I'm 7 years old. My dad when he was younger, he was that dude. If I dropped one, he'd start over. He loved to embarrass me so now I want to embarrass them. Every damn day I want to do something that y'all are just like, ok. If I saw someone doing it only in practice, they're a practice hog. If you're mad at what I posted on Twitter, that had nothing to do with football.

On if it can make things harder:
It made it harder when I was Devin Lucien, not DAMN Devin Lucien. I love when people think highly of me. You can't be great when people are just looking at you. It gives you the drive. I'm not going to let my brothers on the team down.

On if that's like Terrell Owens:
I love TO, but he was more cocky. I feel if you didn't know me and just talked to me and on my social network, you'd think I was a the cockiest MFer. But if you know me, you know I want it for something bigger. I want this for my mom, my pops, for my teammates. My teammates know exactly who I am. I'm telling you, Coach Mora isn't letting anyone who puts themselves above anyone on to the field.

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