VIDEO: Walker on Back Injury

Kenny Walker talks about sitting out the year with a back injury and whether he'll be fully ready by the start of spring practice...

Kenny Walker:

On how the redshirt season has been:
It's been great, but been kind of hard because I'll have to work in the rotation and learn the plays. And I've been having nicks and stiffness and my hands been messed up. It was a microscope and I had a slipped disc and they had to cut off a piece of it and send me on my way.

On if he feels close to 100%:
Not really, but I'm somewhat there. My speed is faster, faster than last year. My hips are a little tight. It hurt after the spring game. Just started getting real tight and I couldn't get up out of bed. I came out and ran 20s and my whole body shifted.

On how close to 100% he is:
I'd say about 90-95%. I'm trying to take it as slow as possible. Sometimes I'll drop a ball here or there because a little scared. In track, going over a hurdle, I had it. Not this far though. I think it was because when I went to track for UCLA, I was going over hurdles and got a hip flexor.

On how he plans to fit into the offense:
I plan on starting, but anywhere they need me really, I really want to get back to kick return.

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