VIDEO: Benenoch on First Year

Caleb Benenoch talks about the toughest guys to block on the team, how his first year went, and whether he's talked to Xavier Su'a-Filo about his decision...

Caleb Benenoch:

On who the toughest defensive lineman to block is:
It depends on the scenario. If you want to talk about run blocking, I would say Eddie just because how violent his hands are. If we're talking pass block, I would say Cassius. To me, he's the best I've blocked all year, practice or games, doesn't matter.

On how the season has been for him:
I've come a long way. Just watching the game tape, I've improved every week. Coach Klemm has been proud of my progress and just hammering getting better every week. The guys I get to block in practice, every day, not a lot of guys get to do that as freshman. So I'm trying to get better and carry this over to the bowl game.

On the talk that Adrian Klemm could leave for USC:
We know how important he is to this program. He's one of the main reasons we came here, this OL class. We just want to make him proud and show him he didn't stay for no reason.

On switching to tackle:
I'll play whatever they need me to play, what gets me on the field. Starting, I like playing football for UCLA, I want to keep doing that.

On what Xavier Su'a-Filo means to the offensive line:
He's been a big difference. He's so further along then most of us, in terms of his athletic ability and body. He's been a mentor to me, Scott, Alex, Kenny Lacy. We hang out with him as much as possible.

On if X has said his goodbye's to the team:
That's something you'll have to ask him about. He's a great guy and I love having him on the team.

On if they try to convince Su'a-Filo to stay:
Nah, we don't, it's his decision. When Coach Klemm wanted to make the decision, we let him make it. It's his decision to make for him and his family. We don't really talk about it. We just enjoy the time.

On his own weight:
I came in at 330 pounds and went down to 290. Now I'm at 301 and it fluctuates between there and 290. It's changed a lot. My feet are quicker. My bod pod has gotten better. That's just from summer workouts to now. When I got here, I was 330, when we got to San Bernardino, I was 305. It was really good for me.

On the Arizona State game:
We have a 24-hour rule. Take your medicine after a loss, watch the tape and correct the mistakes. We moved on. But we have a chip on our shoulder because we know that game wasn't the best game. We like to put the blame on us in our room no matter what. We take the loss personally. We've been improving every week since the Arizona State game.

On as a freshman, if that game was tough:
I didn't even know the numbers (of sacks) until the next day. It was a tough pill to swallow. You know when you give up nine sacks and lose by five points, it hurts a lot. We took it personal and have been grinding ever since then.


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