VIDEO: McCarthy on Improvement

Ellis McCarthy talks about his improvement from his freshman year, where he wants to be body-wise next season, and when the light turned on for him...

Ellis McCarthy:

On being called the most improved player:
I think I've improved a lot, just in the offseason, losing weight. Working on my technique.

On the changes he made in the second half of the season:
Working a lot harder, coming out here early in practice doing drills, working on my hands and footwork. Helping my team.

On his knees:
They do feel healthy. When they do hurt, it's nothing serious, just ice it.

On how much the knees were a factor:
That was the biggest factor. Having two surgeries last year and to rehab for over a year. And then having to lose weight after my knee surgeries.

On if there was a play or game he knew he was back:
I think it was the Oregon game, even though I did kind of tweak it. But I felt really good trying to run to the ball and making plays.

On his offseason goals:
Making further strides, lose more weight and get more healthier. Get to 290.

On the youth of the defensive line:
Next year, I feel like we'll have a great defensive line. Everyone on the D-Line, everyone on the team, trying to get what we didn't have, trying to get this taste out of the loss to ASU, get to the Rose Bowl and the Pac-12, and be the greatest D-Line next year.

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