VIDEO: Marsh on Bowl, Draft

Senior defensive end Cassius Marsh talked about his draft potential, his versatility and even potentially playing tight end in the NFL...

Cassius Marsh spoke to us this week at practice.

On his NFL future:
A lot of teams are interested in my abilities. I can do a lot of things. They didn't put a grade in. I'm not really sure. I'm hoping. Everyone hopes for a first round but I'm not really sure. I'm going to finish out the year, have a great bowl game. Go to whatever senior bowl game I go to, do my best, and showcase my talent. I'll know after that. RIght now I have the East-West Shrine Game and I'm waiting on the Senior Bowl.

On what position he's best suited for:
I'm definitely a 3-4 end, or a 4-3 outside linebacker. That's for sure. I think I could bulk up and play 3-4. I think with my athleticism, I think it's best to have me up field.

On if he's played any linebacker:
My freshman year (in high school) I did. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but everything I try to do, I'm pretty good at it. I have no doubts that I could do whatever it takes to play the linebacker position. I'm very confident in my abilities as an athlete.

On Kenny Clark:
Kenny, man, he's a special kid. He's probably the best nose guard in the country. I'm going to say altogether. If he got the chance to play a lot more. We had a great nose guard before him, Seali'i. Once he got in, he blows it up, always in the backfield, making plays. He's got two sacks. FOr a nose guard, sacks are hard to come by. He learns well. He's a great kid and I think he becomes a top pick. Same goes for Eddie. A ton of talent, I mean a ton. Big strong, a thrasher d-lineman. A lot of young guys with potential.

On the freshman:
It's a great thing for the program to have guys like that on your defensive line. Contrary to what people may believe, it does start with the defensive line and they've got a solid foundation for the future.

On the NFL:
I've heard a lot of diferent teams being interested, because I can play in the 3-4 or 4-3. Some teams have said something about tight end. I'm confident in my ability. I think that's what makes me special, being able to be a playmaker. I can take on a double team.

On reshaping his body:
I was almost 300 pounds my freshman year. Since then, I've lost about 40 pounds. I think I just found myself. Me being that big, I didn't like it, it wasn't comfortable. I think I'm a long explosive athlete. I think I'm a speed guy. It surprises myself how fast I've gotten since those days. I'll contiune to work and develop and wherever my body takes me, I'm sure they'll find a place for me on the field, I've got confidence in that.

On his speed:
It's been a long time since I ran a 40 but I've chased down a lot of running backs and they're supposed to be fast. I'm not really sure, but I'm excited to see what that will be and excited to train. I'm excited for Virginia Tech and rush the passer. And to play with my teammates one last time.

On the offensive reps leading to talk about tight end:
I think it's that and Coach Yarbs and Coach Mazzone telling everyone I'm a tight end. I think they're just seeing athlete. Every team sees a player doing something different, because they have different schemes and different coaches.

On if that helps for the NFL:
I feel like some good things can make you go down, some can go up. It doesn't make sense how some peoples draft stocks go down and up. I'll train extremely hard and make it go up.

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