US Army Update: Trey Lealaimatafao

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Local defensive tackle Trey Lealaimatafao talks about his first U.S. Army All-American Bowl practice and his list of three schools...

On a blustery cold day that sent a few players in search of heat, defensive tackle Trey Lealaimatafao smiled as he talked about his first time on the field as a U.S. Army All-American.

"It was pretty cool," Lealaimatafao said. "It wasn't as bad as I thought."

As bad as he thought? What did Lealaimatafao come in expecting?

"People were telling me there was going to be a drill sergeant [coach] out there going to be in our face and stuff like that," Lealaimatafao said.

Instead, he said he enjoyed the practice, especially the one-on-ones, where he said "I did great." The most challenging matchup came against 6-foot-4, 370-pound uncommitted California prospect Damien Mama, he said.

"It's his size," Lealaimatafao said. "It's really hard to get around him."

A long-time Texas commitment, Lealaimatafao has been getting around the recruiting scene more in recent months. Now considered a soft commit, Lealaimatafao said that he has a top three, in no order, of UCLA, Texas and Oregon. He's already visited the former two schools, and said his visit to the latter was set up for the 17th.

"I'm just looking forward to seeing everything, going ahead and talking to the coaches, talking to the players, meeting the players and seeing what the academics is like," Lealaimatafao said.

Lealaimatafao wants to be a coach, so he said that he's taking a longer look at each school's kinesiology program.

The future coach is waiting to make a decision, at least in part, based on Texas's coaching situation. Mack Brown is out as the head coach of the Longhorns, though Lealaimatafao said he wanted to wait and see how the assistant coaching positions worked out.

"I just want to see who's coming in and whether my position coach is still going to be there when I get there," Lealaimatafao said.

Lealaimatafao said he had a tight relationship with current Longhorn defensive tackles coach Bo Davis.

But his relationship with the UCLA coaching staff — which isn't going anywhere — has the Bruins surging.

"The coaching staff, they're real," Lealaimatafao said. "They keep it real for you there.

"My visit there was pretty cool," Lealaimatafao said. "It was in the city. I really like the city."

So, what happens if Texas retains Davis? Lealaimatafao remained non-committal.

"It's going to be a harder decision to make," he said.

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