Talent at Regional Elite 11

The most talented prospect was on the sideline, but we got a good look at other 2015 prospects and a few 2016 guys...

There was a good amount of talent on the field at Santa Monica College for the Elite 11 Regional Camp Sunday.

There wasn't, though, one clear prospect that really jumped out at you who distinguished himself distinctly above the rest.

Perhaps there was, actually – Josh Rosen. The quarterback from Bellflower St. John Bosco was in attendance but didn't participate, on the sideline since he is still beaten up pretty well after playing 16 high school games and winning a California state championship. We've seen Rosen enough and very securely believe that he's a better quarterback prospect than any other prospect that was on the field today. We also talked with the #2-ranked quarterback in the nation for 2015 and he's pretty upfront about UCLA being a solid leader for his services.

Among those that participated…


Blake Barnett, 6-4, 200, Corona (Calif.) Santiago, might have been the best prospect on the day. Barnett is a very good athlete and quick on his feet, breaking off many nice scrambles this season, but the Elite 11 isn't the place to showcase those kind of talents. He has a strong arm, not a complete rocket, and a little bit of a long motion, but he threw a good, accurate ball for most of the day. The fact that we know he's such a good athlete and 6-4 could be coloring our opinion, but he was right there with the best arms and motions on the day.

Ricky Town, 6-4, 195, Ventura (Calif.) St. Bonaventure, is the current #1-ranked quarterback in the nation for 2015, but he didn't quite live up to the billing for us Sunday. Make no mistake, he's a very good prospect, and probably worthy of an Alabama commitment, but he wasn't mind-blowing. Put it this way – we've seen the 2014 #1 QB in the nation, Kyle Allen, a few times, and it's a night-and-day difference. Town has good size, decent feet, but was a bit mechanical in his footwork. He short-arms his throws a bit, which makes for a quick release but not a great deal of zip on the ball. He was decently accurate, but not any better than the top 4 or 5 at the camp. Most disappointing was the limited arm motion and arm strength. We were told that perhaps he was nicked up a bit, however.

Sheriron Jones, 6-2, 185, Moreno Valley (Calif.) Rancho Verde, is an interesting prospect. He has decent size, perhaps a little narrow in the shoulders, but looks like an athlete. Then, if you watch him in conventional drops throwing the ball you'd quickly determine his future would be at another position. But then he threw on the run and it was a complete difference. He threw considerably better on rollouts, and looked quick and smooth in his ability to move. He's a ways away as a thrower, but with his ability to run – and throw on the run – he has a chance as a dual threat quarterback. I don't think he's worthy of offer consideration soon but he's definitely someone to track.

Kyle Kearns, 6-1, 185, Pleasanton (Calif.) Foothill, was a bit disappointing. He's listed at 6-3, but he looked more like 6-1, with a smallish frame and not greatly athletic-looking. He looked fairly polished in his footwork and mechanics, and was decently accurate, but had average arm strength.

Brady White, 6-2, 180, Newhall (Calif.) Hart, was disappointing, too, since he looks exactly like he did last summer – in terms of his size, body, and arm. He just hasn't developed, particularly physically. He is pretty narrow, with pretty skinny legs, and that was okay last summer going into his junior season, but he just hasn't put on size or muscle since we last saw him without pads six months ago. Since evaluating a prospect is all about projecting his upside, it's not a great sign that he looks exactly the same. He showed just decent arm strength and throwing motion, and it, like the rest, is about the same as it was.

Brian Lewerke, 6-2, 180, Phoenix (Ariz.) Pinnacle. Lewerke was disappointing also, since UCLA has extended an offer to him. He wasn't much taller than 6-1; if we were being liberal we'd say 6-2. He has a smallish frame and doesn't look greatly athletic, either just eye-balling him or in how he moves. He wasn't greatly impressive throwing the ball, being very inconsistent – throwing one good, sharp ball for every few fluttery ones, with just average arm strength.

Kody Wilstead, 6-6, 220, St. George (Utah) Pine View. He might actually be taller than 6-6, even approaching 6-7. He's huge, with big shoulders and long arms, and still looks like he's growing into his body, with his coordination still having to catch up with him. His feet were a bit slow in his drop and the footwork overall is raw, but he has a powerful arm. He was throwing the ball down the field 50 yard with perfect spirals seemingly effortlessly. He easily threw the best deep ball on the day, hitting streaking receivers in stride. He's a project, while he has offers from San Diego State, Louisville and Southern Utah.

Will Pyburn, 6-5, 200, Pasadena (Calif.) La Salle, is probably a D-1 quarterback, not UCLA-level, but D-1. He has good size and moved his feet well for a guy his size. He was pretty raw in his footwork, however, and the lefty had an inconsistent throwing motion. He would, though, throw a very good ball every once in a while that made you notice.

Cole Wilber, 6-3, 200, Dana Hills. Wilber looks like a bigger, thicker Brady White. He's a lot more raw than White and probably not greatly athletic, but he had a fairly strong arm with some consistent zip and accuracy. Probable D-1 but probably not Pac-12 level.

Austin Brisbee, 6-2, 175, Portland (Ore.) Westview. He is a legit 6-2, but very narrow and skinny; doesn't look like a quarterback prospect. But he was among the top 4 or 5 best on the day for pure throwing ability. He threw a very pretty ball, with an effortless motion, and was greatly accurate on the day. Not a Pac-12 guy, probably, but among the best pure arms on the day.


There weren't many sophomore quarterbacks that stood out, and it's difficult to really judge a quarterback prospect at this age since he has so much development ahead of him.

Malik Henry, 6-2, 180, Westlake Village (Calif.) Westlake, was definitely the best 2016 prospect at the camp. He has good size for his age, with a frame that looks like he could get bigger and hold more weight. He moved very well and showed good athleticism. He has good footwork for such a young prospect and good mechanics. It appeared he started out pressing a bit, trying to throw the ball a bit too hard, but when he settled in, he was throwing some lasers with control and good placement, and really looked confident by the end of the day. He already has offers from BYU and Colorado, and he has a chance to be among the handful of best quarterback prospects in the west for 2016. He's been to a couple of UCLA games this year and in contact with the UCLA coaching staff.

Dakota Miller, 6-0, 180, Mission Hills (Calif.). We're being liberal again by giving Miller 6-0, and he's actually smallish in his frame, too, so he'll more than likely not be big enough to be a Pac-12-level guy. He is just a sophomore so hopefully he'll grow. We have to write about him, though, since he had the best motion, strongest arm and threw the best, most accurate ball on the day. The lefty was slinging it all over the field, with perfect spirals exploding out of his hand, hitting receivers in their numbers. If he doesn't get bigger, if he has great grades, he should go to the Ivy League. If not, a Pac-12 program should get him to walk on and improve the quality of their practices for four years.

K.J. Costello, 6-5, 205, Rancho Santa Margarita (Calif.) Santa Margarita, has a good body, with a wide frame and good musculature. He could be, perhaps, a little too big for his age, but as long as he doesn't thicken out any more he'll be fine. He has a strong arm, and he's trying to muscle it in most of the time, which makes for a jerky, stiff motion. We were told he's had a shoulder injury that has limited him, so we'll give him a bit of a pass. He's already been contacted by Pac-12ers.

Tre Polamalu, 6-0, 180, Los Angeles Loyola. The son of UCLA running backs coach Kennedy Polamalu, he showed well, with a fluid motion and good, quick feet. He threw the short and intermediate routes well.

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