Junior Film Eval: Brendan Loftus

Three-star 2015 Tallahassee (Fla.) Godby offensive tackle Brendan Loftus had a good junior season and has already earned an offer from UCLA...

Loftus Junior Year Highlights.

Offers: Auburn, East Carolina, Florida Atlantic, Kentucky, TCU and UCLA

Showing Interest: Florida State, South Florida, Vanderbilt

What to Like

The first thing that stands out to you about junior offensive tackle Brendan Loftus while watching his junior highlight tape is his size. The rising senior is every bit of 6-foot-6 and 285-pounds and will likely only get bigger. Loftus has long arms and his frame carries 285-pounds easily and will certainly accommodate another 30-40 pounds easily as he continues to develop. He also has good if not great feet and moves around well. In pass protection Loftus does a good job of mirroring the pass rusher at the line of scrimmage when a defender chooses to use the "Bull" rush technique. He also does good job of running the pass-rusher past the quarterback on speed or "Jet" rushes off the edge. In both pass protection and run-blocking Loftus does a good job of trying to establish inside hands and works hard to maintain his blocks. Loftus also seems comfortable and displayed some athleticism blocking at the second-level of the defense.

Questions and Areas for Improvement

There are several things that Loftus can work on between now and the start of his senior season to become a dominating player at the high school level. At this point in his development Loftus has a tendency to play to high both in the run game and in pass protection. Loftus also needs to get into the weight room and get stronger in the lower body which will help with explosion and push coming off the line of scrimmage especially in the area of run-blocking. As a senior next season, Loftus should be a devastating run-blocker and being more consistent in coming off the ball lower will help in this area. The junior must also learn to "sit" more (play with bent knees and a wider base) in his pass protection set. This will help improve his ability to move from side-to-side and also improve his initial punch on the pass-rusher. Where does Loftus project in college? Will he possess the athleticism to play left tackle at the highest-level of college football or will he end at right tackle or guard in college?

Early Thoughts

Some of these questions can only be answered as Loftus continues to develop more physically and technically. He is definitely an intriguing offensive line prospect who has not played his best high school football yet. At this point in his development it is certainly easy to be enamored with his size and athleticism. He has a lot of the physical tools you are looking for in a college offensive tackle. Loftus has a strong upper body with long arms and displays good feet and athleticism. He must continue to get his lower body stronger this off-season which will allow him to be more powerful and explosive coming out of his stance. As he learns to come off the ball lower and play with better leverage he has a chance to become a dominant blocker in the run game. Loftus seems to be a little further along as a pass-protector at this time and will only get better in this area with more attention to his technique. In my opinion Loftus will only continue to pick more major college scholarship offers as we reset the recruiting calendar and college coaches begin to focus more on the recruiting class of 2015.

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