Anderson Suffers Concussion; More Practice Notes

Senior free safety Marques Anderson, one of the strengths of this year's UCLA football team, suffers a concussion in Friday's practice, and more practice notes...

Senior free safety Marques Anderson was taken away from practice in an ambulance today, having suffered a concussion. He was being examined at the UCLA Medical Center and was undergoing a CT scan this afternoon.

After practice, Head Coach Bob Toledo said, "He's getting checked out. I don't know anymore than you guys right now. We think maybe he got hit last night, too, at practice and it could be a reoccurence from that. I don't recall that he has any history of concussions."

When asked how big it would be if Marques Anderson couldn't play against Alabama, Toledo said, "It'd be real big. He's a great football player. But it's too early to tell what's happening. It might be nothing and he'll just be out for a couple of days."

If Anderson were out for the Alabama game, would he consider any players moving to difference positions? "Not right now. We still don't know. But if he wouldn't play in the game, maybe."

If UCLA releases any announcement about Anderson's condition today, we'll release it here.

Sophomore free safety Kevin Brant worked with the first team defense in Anderson's absense.

Marcus Reese sat out most of practice with a hip pointer. Brandon Chillar also sat out some with a pulled hamstring. Which forced true freshman linebacker Spencer Havner to work with the first-team defense for the afternoon.

.Ed Blanton, the freshman OL, sprained his ankle, and was on crutches for the last hour of practice.

The general impression is that not many of the big-named players on the team will participate in Saturday's afternoon scrimmage. Cory Paus more than likely won't take many snaps. DeShaun Foster isn't expected to take many, if any at all. Ryan Nece is expected not to participate, as is Robert Thomas.

Toledo wouldn't comment specifically on which players would participate, but said the team's veterans might be better served by sitting it out. "Nece, Thomas, you want to get them ready. And they want to be in all the time. But we just think we could taking a risk. So, you have to give them enough time to prepare them to play, but then back off and not push it."

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