Evans Plans to Visit UCLA

Five-star Auburn (Ala.) outside linebacker Rashaan Evans had a great in-home visit with the UCLA staff on Tuesday, and now has plans for an unofficial to UCLA...

On Tuesday night, Auburn (Ala.) outside linebacker Rashaan Evans hosted UCLA coaches Jim Mora and Jeff Ulbrich for an in-home visit that lasted five and a half hours and encompassed everything from Evans potentially playing option quarterback to the five-star coming out for a final visit the weekend before signing day.

Afterward, the linebacker said he had a lot to think about, particularly in respect to what the Bruin staff told him about how he'd be used.

"They really pointed out the fact that they really have a package for me to display my skills," Evans told Scout.com's Chad Simmons. "They say they can use me in many ways from day one."

Sources have indicated that Evans was pitched on the idea of not only playing the Anthony Barr role on defense, but potentially playing an occasional Wildcat quarterback and receiver role on offense, using Myles Jack's versatility as an example for what UCLA is willing to do with players with significant athletic ability.

One comparison in particular, though, drew Evans' attention.

"They talked about me being a lot like Anthony Barr," Evans said. "They think we are a lot alike, but they think I could be even better because of how good I am as a pass rusher. Anthony Barr played tight end, so he really only played a year, and he has not had a lot of time to develop due to that."

The visit began at 2:30 with Jeff Ulbrich meeting Evans after school. Mora then joined the two and Evans' family later in the afternoon, where they talked well into the evening.

Rashaan Evans.
The upshot for UCLA is that sources have told us that the Bruins are almost certainly now going to receive an unofficial visit from Evans at the end of the month during UCLA's big recruiting weekend on January 31st. Even more to UCLA's advantage, the visit will be made by Evans alone, because the family wants him to get a feel for the school and what the student experience feels like.

That has to be taken as a good sign for the Bruins' chances.

"My parents really like UCLA," Evans said. "They like the coaches and the education it can offer."

Evans cited his great relationship with Coach Ulbrich as a big reason for his interest, saying he "can talk to him about anything."

Evans also slipped and referred to Ulbrich as the new defensive coordinator, a move we've been referring to as a likelihood for a while now.

The five-star will have two more coaches in-home over the next week, with the entire Auburn defensive staff coming in tomorrow night, Nick Saban and Kirby Smart coming in Thursday night, and then Gus Malzahn visiting the Evans family next week.

"I am going to have a very hard decision with all three schools," Evans said. "It really could be UCLA, Auburn, or Alabama."


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