Evans Enjoys Auburn Visit

Five-star Auburn (Ala.) linebacker Rashaan Evans tripped to the local school this weekend and said afterward that he has a good idea of the school he wants to commit to...

Auburn, Ala.--For five-star Rashaan Evans, an official visit to Auburn didn't show him anything new about the campus and facilities. After all he has grown up around the athletic complex and has made dozens of visits over the years as a player at nearby Auburn High School.

This visit was all about relationships and learning more and more about Coach Ellis Johnson's defense and his potential place in the scheme. Sitting down with Gus Malzahn and defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson, Evans said the ‘star' position is one that looks like it would be a good fit for him and that feeling hit home with one particular moment in Malzahn's defense.

"He actually lined us up as if we were about to play," Evans said. "He talked to us and told us that this could be the future. He was pretty much giving us a lot of evidence and a lot of information about the things we could do if we were together if we played on the same team. I felt like that was really a big thing for me just playing beside my boy Tre and also Deshaun. When he did that it made me feel much differently about Auburn. It made it a little bit better.

"The fact that he showed me that it made me feel more sure about Coach Malzahn and what he wants to do with me," he added. "Also where he wants to go with the program."

One of the biggest things about the weekend for Evans was being joined by Auburn commitments such as Tre Williams, DeShaun Davis, Stephen Roberts and Kamryn Melton while on his trip. Already close friends with them from their time spent together over the last few months in recruiting, Evans said the fact they came back to be with him on his weekend was huge.

"Really there weren't too many questions for me, it was really based off a feeling," Evans said. "I had some players that had actually official-ed last weekend like Tre and Stephen and all those guys. They came and hung out with me and just hanging out with them was the best to me.

"It meant a lot the fact that they care about me. They want me to make the right decision for me, but it also showed me that we're all brothers at the end of the day.

"I think this weekend was really more about spending time with me and just showing me that it's not all about football. It's about me as a person. That's about having a good time and not focusing so much on football."

Shown film of Robenson Therezie and Justin Garrett at the ‘star' position for Auburn, Evans said seeing that gave him a good idea of how things would be as compared to the linebacker spot in both Alabama and UCLA's defensive schemes. Getting to see the different ways Johnson can use the position gave him a good idea that it could be a good fit for him.

"It's more of kind of in the middle," Evans said about his future position in the defense. "I do care, but at the same time I don't care. As long as the position I'm playing best fits me and displays my versatility. Based off what I have seen and the evidence I have gotten from the position I feel like it's a great position for me that can show off all the aspects I have.

"Just with my size and other things I have they thought I could do different things," he added. "Maybe some of the things they didn't get a chance to show this year. They definitely showed me that guy (Holloman) and they feel like the things he did I can do all over again if not better."

With Auburn, Alabama and UCLA remaining on his list and a final trip to see the Bruins next weekend before announcing his decision live on ESPNU at 10 a.m. on signing day, Evans said right now he's got a pretty good idea of where he's going to play his college football.

"I actually kind of felt like that with Bama last weekend," he said of the fit in the defense. "With this weekend and after going over all this stuff it's kind of even to be honest with you.

"I do have a good idea of which school I want to commit to right now, he added.

Named Alabama's 6A Lineman of the Year for his play as a senior, Evans totaled 54 tackles with 17 sacks, 29 tackles for losses, 20 quarterback hurries, three forced fumbles and a blocked punt. He also added five offensive touchdowns playing wide receiver and running back for the Tigers.

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