Where the Class Could Rank

With two days to go until National Signing Day, UCLA could end up with a 2014 class ranked in the top 5, or one that drops into the 20's, depending on the finish...

There are two days remaining until Signing Day, and still many different shapes UCLA's class could end up taking, given how many highly-ranked uncommitted prospects are left on the board. We've provided several predictions over the last few weeks as to how it may end up, but, as we've seen over the years, there is little that is more volatile than recruiting. With many different scenarios still possible, we decided to provide you a look at where this class could end up in the final team rankings, keying on a few basic scenarios.

We're going to say that none of the players currently committed to UCLA will sign elsewhere. We're pretty confident this is true, since we haven't heard any rumblings of players looking elsewhere seriously.

So, right now, with just the 17 committed players signing with UCLA, the Bruins would have 2709 points—good for 20th in the country right now, and, based off last season, probably good for 21st in the country at the final tally. Not a bad class, certainly, but probably a significant disappointment after a 10-3 season and signing the No. 3 class in the country last year.

We're going to use, as a base line, UCLA signing at least Kenny Young. I know, I know, we're going out on a bit of a limb doing so, and we may be jinxing everything and everyone by predicting that, but we like to live dangerously. Kenny Young (213 points) would immediately push that 2709 number upward to 2922—which, based off of last season, would be good for 19th in the country. Now we're cooking with thermite.

Realistically, we don't expect Young to be the only new commit out of the uncommitted prospects. If UCLA were to get just one five-star, and let's say it's Malachi Dupre (298 points), plus Budda Baker (215 points), the Bruins would vault to 3435 points—a number which would be good for 11th in the country based off last year, and knocking on the door of the top ten. That'd be a more than solid class, and be the third consecutive top 12 class for UCLA in the Mora era.

Adoree Jackson.
But let's say the class ends up even a bit better than that, and the Bruins' late surge with Adoree Jackson (297 points) works like a charm, Rashaan Evans (300 points) ends up spurning the SEC, and Kalen Ballage (88 points) decides he doesn't want to bake in Tempe for four years. UCLA would then be at 4120 points, which, based off last year, would push the Bruins into the top ten, at No. 10.

It could get even crazier. If, in addition to all of those guys, UCLA were to sign Solomon Thomas (296 points) and Davon Godchaux (199 points), UCLA would have 4615 points, which would give the Bruins the No. 5 class on Signing Day based off last year, and, actually, the No. 3 class based off the numbers from two years ago.

And, really, in light of recent news, that's not all. Assuming Joe Mixon (295 points) is really torn after the visit to UCLA this past weekend, and decides to sign with the Bruins, that'd vault UCLA up considerably, potentially into a No. 2 slot depending on how many others on this list end up signing as well.

So, in short, based off last year's numbers, UCLA can end up anywhere from 21st in the country (striking out on every remaining player) to somewhere in the 2 to 5 range (if the Bruins get all remaining targets, plus the surprise recruit). Alabama is probably too far ahead of anyone to catch, but it seems pretty clear that UCLA could end up with anywhere from the 2nd to the 21st rated class in the country.

With so many highly rated prospects still on the board, this could be one of the most exciting finishes to a recruiting season in recent memory.


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