VIDEO: Players after Victory

Kyle Anderson talks about how Jordan Adams' shooting helps the entire team and Norman Powell discusses the improved defense...

Kyle Anderson, Jordan Adams, Norman Powell:

Jordan Adams on his performance:
Coaches told me to stay aggressive. I had some bad shooting games but put it behind me. I was really focused on taking it to the basket and determined.

Kyle Anderson on the second half:
If you lok at our past couple of games, we came out in the second half very strong. That's where we've made our runs. Coach told us about the old Laker teams, the old Bulls teams, their 3rd quarters are where teams do their best. Those first four minutes we played very well, we got stops on defense, we got scores and we opened it up.

Anderson on Adams' shooting:
It doesn't just open up Jordan, it opens up Norman Powell and Zach Lavine, it opens up David Wear trailing the play, and when he's making shots, its so easy to find him because he cuts so well, but it also makes the defense cheat over on him and that opens up other guys too.

Norman Powell on the defense:
Mainly our defense is dealing with effort, keeping a high level for all 40 minutes of the game and making sure we're in help defense. Our team goal is on defense to always be in help. When someone comes off the pick and roll or pops that, our main goal is to help. You can see it on the court, everyone is more focused.

On if the Pac-12 race tightening up makes it easier to perform:
I think its harder because teams are coming after you, making you play, giving you their best shot. We have to be really focused every night and come out with the mindset we'll get their best shot.

Adams on the difference in his shooting:
Trying to adjust and picking up what I needed to do and help in certain areas.

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