VIDEO: Alford on Monday

Head coach Steve Alford talks about how Jordan Adams had such a good game against Utah and how the team needs to focus on getting he and Zach LaVine better shots...

Steve Alford:

On the importance of getting Jordan Adams going early:
He's working hard. There is going to be games he gets it going like that because he's a good scorer. They have a game where they all start doing it. We have a lot of guys who can score and shoot. We have eight guys in the rotation who are averaging 7 points or higher. That's a lot of guys who can score the basketball. Hopefully Jordan knows there's not that intense pressure to score, but obviously when he does and when he scores at the success rate he did in that game, it opens it up for everyone else. I thought he moved without the ball very well, I thought we screened better with this game and I thought we made the plays at the right time and to his credit, he made shot.

On Travis Wear's shooting:
I think the last four games Travis is in my mind, back to being Travis. I talked to a lot of people with that surgery he had, and it takes a while. I just think he's playing at that level we saw back in October. That's why you're seeing his minutes go up. It dropped a little in the Utah game with foul trouble. But his minutes continue to go up because he's so versatile. He runs the floor, he can score inside out. I think he and David the last few games have been as big a difference as anything. Dave is doing as good job as any one on our team right now, defensively.

On their mindset with the Pac-12 race tightening up:
Hopefully it's good, we're in mid-February. We're 20-5, one game out of first. We're pretty healthy and we're playing good basketball. Those are obviously positives. It's a three-week stretch and we're glad we're one of those teams that, there are probably six teams competing for something, and that's unusual when you get this far in the season. Just seeing how things play out, but we have to continue to stay healthy, play good basketball and continue to get better and I think we're seeing that, the last three weeks. This team has really improved defensively and if our focus can stay the same, we'll become harder to play against and that could bring more success our way.

On getting Zach Lavine more looks:
There is no question. We're doing everything we can, but then as we've always said, players play, coaches coach and what Jordan has been able to do is continue to find ways, he's a little bit older, but find ways to help. Get to the free throw line, make layups. Utah the first game, Jordan gets 14 rebounds. As Zach continues to mature, watches tape, he's going to get better. You're going to see the same thing with him because he's too good, too talented and there are other things he can do when the shots are not falling. He's gone through tough stretches, so he has to do the other things. He's doing a good job with his assist to turnover and it's all a part of being a good player.

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