VIDEO: Adams on Defense

Jordan Adams talks about being within striking distance of the steals record and what makes him so good at stealing the ball...

Jordan Adams:

On what worked in the Utah game:
Our offense. They were running a matchup zone. There were pass plays. Our philosophy was we were going to slip and have cutters go through the paint and that would open everything else.

On Cal and Stanford both being in the Pac-12 hunt:
We know that and we're going to take it one game at a time. Cal, we did pretty bad up there last year and they're a good team at home and they're playing well. It will be a tough game but we have to come in focused.

On closing in on the single season steal record:
I'm just in the right place at the right time. I'm not the fastest guy but I have good anticipation and I know where the ball is going to be. I'm watching their eyese because they're looking at their targets so I play in the passing lane.

On if the defensive scheme makes the opportunities easier:
We run a scheme where you help the helper, whoever is on the ball, you make sure to help him. Just putting you in a position to help.

On Cal being good at home:
They don't miss many shots at home. They play well, they're comfortable with that gym. And they're a good team. On the road against a good time like that, you have to come in prepared.

On if he's noticed more shots for him in the past few weeks:
He would draw up little plays getting me open. Little ways of getting me through the offense.

On the keys in the next few games:
I think the key is not losing. In this league, anyone can beat anybody on any night. You have to stay focused on not have any mental lapse.

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