VIDEO: Anderson on Shooting Improvement

Kyle Anderson talks about the work he put in to improve his shooting this year and also talks about an injury that may have caused him to shoot below his usual averages last year...

Kyle Anderson:

On being nominated for the Cousy Award:
That's a good feeling, and just shows that I'm playing the point guard position for the team well right now and it's an honor.

On his shooting:
I feel like after last year I had to get back to basics. I've never been a bad shooter or poor shooter. My freshman year isn't a resemblence of how I shoot the ball. I've always been a very good shooter. I think my freshman year, with my thumb, that really messed me up. With the offseason and the repetitions, I think that messed me up. I got back to the basics this summer and I've been a good shooter my whole life.

On having a bunch of scorers on the team:
You come out to games and you see some particular people are hot. You see Zach's hot or you can find Jordan. We have so many people that anyone can score 20.

On when he hurt his thumb:
After my senior year, in the state championship games and the three All-American games, I had to have surgery in the summer before my freshman year so I couldn't play basketball until August. It wasn't a good summer last year.

On what he identified in his shot:
Just keeping everything together. My freshman year, I was used to fading. My left hand would go away from my shot. Just keeping everything together and keeping it all in one shot.

On how much Ed Schilling has helped:
A lot. Since he's been here, we've been in the gym as much as we can. I really take his workouts serious because he's worked out a lot of NBA guys and he's really big on player development.

On the Cal game:
That game is important, whether Arizona loses or not. Since they did, we really have to take care of business and do what we're supposed to do.

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