VIDEO: Players after Loss

David Wear talks about his game-tying shot at the end of regulation, and Zach LaVine and Bryce Alford talk about starting for the first time...

David Wear and Zach LaVine:

David Wear on his buzzer-beater:
I thought they were going to miss on purpose. I was getting ready to rebound it. I just started to run down the court and realized no one was with me, so I made eye contact with Travis and I knew it was coming, and had time to set my feet and I just stepped into the shot and it really felt good.

David Wear on if it was a "twin connection":
He saw no one guarding me, we made eye contact and I saw it coming. It was a good pass

David Wear on if Adams/Anderson addressed them:
They said sorry, and said they were letting the team down. We know that they're great teammates. We're looking forward to having them back.

David Wear on if the loss hurts after coming back:
Absolutely, that's big time, to not really have any practices. We went out and gave 100%. It definitely hurts to lose a game like this. Everyone played as well as they could have played. Especially down the stretch, defensively we were focused, getting up and down. Anytime you put in an effort like that and go into two overtimes and lose, it's tough.

Zach LaVine on the final minutes:
We knew we had to get down to it and concentrate more. We knew were close. With our scoring ability, we knew we could get back into the game. We just got better mentally.

Zach Lavine on when he found out he'd start:
We had a meeting about four hours before the game. We heard the news. There are no bad feelings. We support those guys.

Zach Lavine on Bryce Alford getting into the zone:
He started hitting. He's done that a couple of times in practice before. He gets hot. Everyone gave great effort.

Zach Lavine on finding out he'd start:
Not pressure. I've started my whole life. Just feeling it out at first, but it was great, it's basketball, that's what I'm used to.

Bryce Alford:

On being in the starting lineup:
It caught me by surprise, but I was ready. I usually come in at the 13 minute mark and just thought I'd bring the energy from the get-go and that's what I did.

On fatigue setting in with a short rotation:
I think we were all tired. Zach had 48 minutes, the Wear's had 40 strong and Norman had over 40 minutes. You get into overtime with a 7-minute rotation, you're going to be tired. We fought and did as much as we could to try to compete.

On if they look at the loss as a moral victory:
Losing, to us, is never a moral victory. At UCLA, we never want to lose. I would change all stats, everything that happened today, for a win, but we came up short.

On the last 10 minutes of the game:
I thought we did a really good job of guarding. I thought it was the best game we did guarding. We did our 2-3 zone, we did it there, they kind of ate it up. We were active and guarded well and made a few plays, they just made more.

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