VIDEO: Players after Victory

Kyle Anderson and Jordan Adams discuss their suspension, the Wears talk about their last game in Pauley Pavilion, and Aubrey Williams talks about getting into the game...

Kyle Anderson and Jordan Adams:

Jordan Adams on his suspension:
It was a learning experience, but I'm glad that our teammates still fought and didn't back down because we weren't playing. That really showed us a lot about their character. We would like to apologize to our fans, our families and our coaching staff and teammates for having not played in that last game due to our issues. And we'd like to thanks our teammates and all of our fans for their support, still, after having missed the Oregon game.

Jordan Adams on the first half:
We had to adjust to what they were doing. In the second half, it eventually broke open with the scoring margin. They are just a big team, and they matched up really well."

Kyle Anderson on his performance:
I just wanted to help my team by playing well tonight. Oregon State is a long, athletic team, and we had a talk at halftime. We got better after that. We talked about ball movement and we talked about taking shots too early in the shot clock.


Aubrey Williams, David Wear, and Travis Wear:

David Wear on Senior Night:
You look back at the games, and it goes by very fast. I can't be happier than to finish the home season this way, with a win. From starting in the old Pauley, going to the Sports Arena, and then back to the New Pauley, it's been an experience. It hasn't really sunk in yet, that I won't be playing here anymore.

Travis Wear on the game:
I'm not sure why we did not come out with a lot of energy. I thought that our defense was good, but we just couldn't get it going offensively."

Aubrey Williams on Senior Night:
It was great, and it was bittersweet. This is a family like no other, and I'm going to cherish every moment.

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