Masina Recaps Los Angeles Trip

2015 four-star Salt Lake City (Utah) Brighton outside linebacker Osa Masina enjoyed his trip to UCLA this past weekend...

Osa Masina is a tremendous prospect and one of the nation's elite linebacker recruits. He currently rated the No. 2 outside ‘backer in the west and the No. 57 player in the nation.

He has ideal size to play in any system in college and is working hard on his game.

"I'm training hard, lifting and running," Masina said. "I've put on almost 20 pounds since last year and I'm 6-4, 230 right now. I'm doing ladder drills to work on my agility, doing a lot of stretching to work on my flexibility and lifting to get bigger and stronger. I'm doing basketball right now, we're in the playoffs and I've still kept my weight on so that's a good thing."

On the recruiting front, Masina plans to be active taking visits all spring and checked out UCLA Saturday and then USC on Sunday.

"It was cool, I spent about 3-4 hours on both campuses," Masina said. "At UCLA is raining pretty hard which was kind of a bummer but it held off long enough to still get a good feel for the campus. We toured everything and I saw all the facilities, weight room, locker room and spent a lot of time with the coaches.

"I learned a lot of new things about the school and really like the coaching staff a lot. I really liked meeting Coach Mora, we've talked on the phone before but this was my first time meeting him in person and he's a great guy. Coach (Taylor) Mazzone is the one recruiting me and we talk a lot and have a really good relationship.

"I spent the most time on the visit with Coach Ulbrich. We watched film together and he showed me how they want to use me. I'm about the same size Anthony Barr was when he came to UCLA, maybe a little heavier and they want me in that pass rushing outside ‘backer role. They think I'm a great fit there and feel I can drop, play in space and get after the quarterback so I'm definitely comfortable with that."

On Sunday, Masina spent the day at USC.

"USC was cool because I have such a good relationship with the coaches already," Masina said. "I took a visit last June to Washington and Coach Sirmon and Tuiasosopo were my main recruiters. Now they're both at USC and are recruiting me and I'm very close with both coaches.

"I loved the facilities at USC and the overall atmosphere there. Coach Sirmon talked to me about my role but didn't really specify how I would fit in scheme wise, he just said they like me as an outside ‘backer and feel I can fit in any role and in any defense they want to play.

"The coaching staff at USC is what really stood out. It was fun meeting those guys again and I already have a strong comfort level there. My mom liked both schools a lot and I can't say one stood out over the other, I liked both visits equally. For me, it's going to come down to overall comfort level and I feel very good at both schools and can picture myself at each."

Masina will be in Vegas in a couple of weeks playing for Team Utah at the Pylon 7 on 7 tournament and plans to hit up several more schools in April.

"I'm going back to UCLA and USC," Masina said. "I didn't spend as much time doing the academics stuff that I wanted to so I'll do that on the next visit. I'm also going to visit Arizona State and Stanford. I don't have the exact weekend yet but I'll visit all four of those on the same week, one after the other.

"At the end of the summer, I'll see where I'm at in the process. If I really like a school, I could make an early commitment but more likely, I'll narrow my list to five and then take all five official visits after my season next fall. Then I'll make an announcement sometime around Signing Day if I take it that far out."

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