Evaluations from the Nike Camp

The Nike Camp was full of talent this year, with five-star defensive end/outside linebacker Keisean Lucier-South arguably the most impressive of the bunch...

The turnout for the Nike Camp on Sunday was very good, with a lot of talent both along the lines and at the skill positions, certainly more than last year, which probably speaks volumes about the level of talent in the West in the 2015 and 2016 classes.

Keisean Lucier-South, who won defensive line MVP, was probably the most impressive prospect of the bunch. His first step is just lightning quick, to the point where offensive tackle Bar Milo, who hadn't lost a one-on-one rep prior to facing Lucier-South, promptly lost three in a row to him, with Lucier-South going by him virtually untouched. He is incredibly quick off the ball, plays really low, and has a few different moves to beat tackles. What's really incredible is that you could easily see him adding a lot of weight. He's about 6'5, 220 right now, and it wouldn't be a stretch to see him gain 25 or 30 more pounds. UCLA is doing well with him.

He was clearly the best prospect, but as we said, the general talent level was really high, and each position group seemed to have at least a handful of guys who are real prospects.


Josh Rosen -- Rosen won MVP, but it really wasn't his best day. The ball didn't seem to be coming out of his hand well, and he seemed to be just a little off, particularly during one-on-ones. He did make a nice deep throw to Christian Kirk, though. During drills, he earned praise from a good many of the coaches for his ability to run the zone read and make a variety of throws. He's an easy 6'4 now, and looks like he has room to continue to fill out his body. As we've been saying for a long time now, it would be a complete and utter shock if he didn't pick UCLA on the 20th. An interview with him is up on the front page. Something to note: virtually every time he took a rep in one-on-ones, it was with either Broadus or Kirk as his receiver.

Ricky Town -- The USC committed quarterback also didn't show particularly well. His arm strength isn't much better than average, and there were six or seven times where receivers had to wait a beat for the ball to arrive during one-on-ones, which allowed it to be deflected. He has a good connection with his teammate Lavan Alston, though, and they connected on quite a few passes during drills. Even with neither having a great day, we'd probably give this battle to Rosen.

Malik Henry -- Despite being a 2016 quarterback, Henry might have had the best performance of any quarterback in the camp. In one-on-ones, he or Brady White were probably the most consistent throwers in the camp. Henry throws a nice catchable ball with good arm strength, and his body has a lot of room to grow. He's probably 6'2 now, and is still fairly skinny, so there's good upside there.

Travis Waller -- The quarterback from Anaheim Servite also performed well during the day, and is a good prospect. His throwing motion could use some work, with a little bit of a hitch in his windup, but he does a nice job of getting the ball on time to receivers. He has a very good body and frame.

Brian Lewerke -- The Arizona quarterback that UCLA offered last year didn't have a great showing, with below average arm strength and a body that doesn't have a ton of upside (6'1-ish and already pretty filled out). 

K.J. Costello -- The 2016 quarterback that UCLA is evaluating has a big arm, but is very mechanical in his throwing motion and just doesn't have a natural motion or release. He didn't throw the ball very accurately Sunday, throwing a few interceptions in limited 7 on 7 time. 

Running Backs

Bolu Olorunfunmi -- The recent UCLA offeree had a nice day. He's about 6'0, 210 pounds and, for a bigger back, does surprisingly well catching the ball and in footwork drills. He runs with power. He struggled during pass rush drills blocking linebackers, looking pretty unnatural trying to block. That'll obviously be an area of emphasis for him. In talking to him Sunday, we get the feeling that UCLA could earn a commitment from him soon.

Malik Lovette -- The four-star worked out with the running backs all day Sunday and was probably either the best or second best running back prospect in the bunch. He did really well in pass protection, which was a little surprising since he's played so much receiver. He has a good burst off the line, and catches the ball really well out of the backfield. During the breakdown drill, he did a nice job of making one cut and getting downfield. Physically, he looks like a running back, with big calves and a strong-looking upper body.

Sean McGrew -- He's probably not a whole lot taller than 5'6, but he's very quick. At his height, though, you'd have to think he'll be more of a situational player at the next level.

Darick Holmes -- Like McGrew, he's not really tall, but does have another inch or so, putting him in 5'7 range. He actually reminds us a bit of Donovan Lee, with that same kind of quickness. 

Wide Receivers

Equanimeous St. Brown -- While there wasn't anyone who stood out as a clear-cut absolute stud on Sunday, St. Brown was probably the closest thing. He was the most effective wide receiver on the day, using his 6'5, 185 pound frame to shield his hands for the catch, and was really effective on slants and drags when he could box out opposing defensive backs. The technique is effectively unguardable with his frame. He could easily add weight to his frame too. He has a very nice burst off the line, unlike a lot of big guys who need a little bit of time to get going. Also, he was eager to play, getting into one-on-ones on every 4th or 5th rep, which is a good sign for his competitive fire. In talking to him, it sounds as if UCLA could be close to offering.

Christian Kirk -- We're going to go out on a limb here, but based off what we've seen of Kirk's body and playing style, we think he'd fit best as a running back at the next level. He's about 5'11, 197 pounds right now, with a very thick chest and fairly thick legs. He has very good straight line speed, but didn't have a great day at receiver. He didn't show that explosive ability to get open on short routes, where he'd ideally make a quick cut inside or out to get free, which is what you'd like to see out of your slot receiver. Schools are almost universally recruiting as either a slot receiver or an outside receiver, but Kirk, who has a running back background, could potentially be a good fit in the backfield. In talking to him, it sounds like UCLA is doing well with him.

Cordell Broadus -- Broadus has clearly grown in the last year, and now looks to be a legit 6'3, and weighed in at 187 pounds. He has a nice frame, and looks like he could add more weight. He doesn't have great top end speed, but he ran good routes, and caught the ball well.

Lavan Alston -- The 5'11 speedster was impressive on Sunday. He's very fast, and while he's still a little raw running his routes, he made some astounding adjustments on badly thrown balls. There were a few times where he'd make the final cut, the ball would sail behind him, and we'd stop filming, only for Alston to make a great adjustment and accelerate into the catch. He's going to be someone to keep an eye on throughout spring, because he could see his stock rise considerably with a good camp season.

Breland Brandt -- We'll list the 2016 prospect here, since he was included as a tight end, though we didn't see him work out with the receivers. Physically, he's very, very impressive. He's about 6'4, and looks like he's a good 210 pounds or so, as a sophomore in high school. He moves really well, as we saw Saturday night during his basketball game for Windward, and looks as if he could add some weight easily. Scout has him listed as an outside linebacker, and we think that's probably where he could fit best, but he has the makings of an elite prospect in the 2016 class.

Offensive Line

Keenan Walker.
Keenan Walker -- The top tackle in the West completely looks the part. He is long, with a great frame, and generally just a very good body. He showed great footwork during drills, with good quick hands and a nice reach. He still has plenty of room to put on weight and strength, which he's said is a priority for him. He can get bullrushed at times right now, so that should be a focus. He has really natural knee bend, and has good flexibility. His technique is good, but could also use some work. Naturally, though, he's very gifted.

Andre James -- He's a more filled out prospect than Walker, but has the same, or at least similar, level of athleticism. He might have the better flexibility of the two, actually. In SPARQ testing, he was very impressive, running a 4.8 second shuttle, and 5.1 second 40 (both electronically times). He was also the strongest throwing the Power Ball, tossing it a reported 46 feet. He can still clean up his technique, but he was very strong in drills, and when he got his hands on defenders, they were pretty much done.

Fred Ulu-Perry -- Ulu-Perry was the MVP of the offensive linemen, and he earned it. He's about 6'2, 310 pounds, so he's more than likely a guard at the next level. He only lost one one-on-one rep, and drive blocking is a real strength of his.

Zach Robertson -- He has some work to do, physically and in terms of his technique. He's probably a guard right now, rather than a tackle. 

Tevita Halalilo -- The guard had a very up and down day. He had a slow start to the one-on-ones that wasn't helped by having to face off against Rasheem Green several times in the early going, but then was better as the day progressed and he got to face off against other, non-freak defensive linemen. He's definitely a guard with his body.

Bar Milo -- The tackle is down to 278, reportedly, and that has helped his mobility a good deal. He's got a good looking frame, and if he can add good weight to it, you could see him being a UCLA-level prospect. He told us that UCLA could be on the verge of offering soon, along with USC.

Zach Okun -- The guard prospect who picked Oregon didn't look good. His body, which is a little dumpy, looks much the same as two years ago, when he first emerged as a prospect. UCLA, we heard, actually stopped recruiting him prior to the commitment to Oregon.

Defensive Line

Rasheem Green -- Green is a freak. He looks every bit like an elite defensive lineman, and like Eddie Vanderdoes two years ago, could fit anywhere on the line that he wants to play. You can't design a better body for the defensive line, at 6'5, with long arms, and a frame that can carry as much weight as he needs (he looked to be an easy 275, maybe heavier). He was completely dominant during one-on-ones, even seemingly going half speed.

Thomas Toki -- He's about 5'11, and 313 pounds, and doesn't have long arms, which makes him a bit of a questionable fit for UCLA's front. He's quick off the ball, though, and plays low. Generally, though, he's not a great athlete.

Joseph Wicker -- The defensive lineman from Long Beach Poly is still waiting on an offer from UCLA, but he could be the kind of prototype lineman that UCLA is looking for. His body really passes the eyeball test, at 6'3 or 6'4 now and 250 or so pounds with wide shoulders, so you could see him gaining a good deal more weight. He was one of the few players able to beat Keenan Walker during one-on-ones.

Jacob Daniel -- The Clovis North defensive lineman didn't participate, but physically he looks like an offensive lineman, probably a guard. He's a very big guy, and much depends on how explosive he is.

Vaimoe Sekona -- The defensive tackle prospect from Encino Crespi had a very good showing, especially in the one-on-ones, winning just about every one of his match-ups. He has good size with a body that definitely could add more weight, and had a great combination of explosiveness and strength. He's about 6-3 and 280+, but looks like he could carry a bit more and tighten it up some. USC recently offered and we know he's looking for a UCLA offer.

Christian Rector -- The recent UCLA offeree looks much more like an outside linebacker than a defensive end, with a 6'3, 217 pound frame. 

Simi Moala -- Moala is very intriguing, just from a pure physical standpoint. He's an easy 6'6, 230 pounds, and could play defensive end or tight end. Miami just offered, but he likes UCLA and USC and offers from the hometown schools could sway him. He looks a lot like Levine Toilolo at the same stage.


We talked about Lucier-South above, who worked out with the defensive line but project as a linebacker for UCLA's purposes.

Ben Humphreys -- The linebacker from Mater Dei has a body a bit like a wide receiver (6'2, 215) but he has pure linebacker instincts. He's really instinctive, and has a nose for the ball and where the play is going. He doesn't bite on head fakes. With limited scholarships, UCLA may not get to him, though.

Malik Lawal -- Lawal is about 6'1, 220 pounds, and has these wide shoulders that make him look like some kind of body builder. With his physicality, he was able to body up running backs during drills and then, during pass drills, he was impossible to block. UCLA is recruiting him, but again, the scholarship crunch may tell the tale.

John Houston -- Houston was easily the best prospect among the guys who actually participated with the linebackers. He's about 6'3, 205 with a body that can easily gain more weight. He plays a bit softer than you might like in terms of physicality, but he has a great deal of upside with his body. 

Kyahva Tezino -- Tezino is only about 6'0, 200 pounds, and doesn't look like he'll be a linebacker at the next level (and if he is, it might be more as a Jayon Brown-type). He visited UCLA yesterday.

Lokeni Toailoa -- The 2016 linebacker is another who looks like a possible rover/safety type at the next level. He's a bit bigger than Tezino, but has a similar frame, at about 6'1, 205. He may get bigger though, and if he can get into the 225/230 range he'd have a good chance of being a potential full-time linebacker at the next level.

Khaylan Thomas --  We didn't get a long look at thomas, but physically, he looks like he's another smaller type linebacker, at about 6'0, 205. UCLA has offered.

Defensive Backs

Dechaun Holiday.
Dechaun Holiday -- Holiday won MVP for the defensive back groups, and it seemed well-earned. He's about 6'2, 190 pounds and has just a very good body. He has good cover skills for his size, and while you might speculate that he's a bit big to be a corner at the next level, he could easily be a safety. Generally, even against smaller, quicker receiver, it'd take a multiple-cut route to get rid of him. He even did an OK job against Kirk and Alston. 

Stanley Norman -- Norman was probably the best pure cover guy at the event. He's not necessarily physically impressive, but his ability to stay with guys using great technique is excellent. He also is extremely competitive, which is something that was evident Sunday as he or Holiday took seemingly every third or fourth rep.

Frank Buncom -- The San Diego (Calif.) St. Augustine safety that UCLA has offered showed well on Sunday. He is fairly athletic, and showed that he can change directions well, with good hips. 

Colin Samuel -- He is really long, at 6'2, 185, and looks like he has a body that has potential. It remains to be seen whether UCLA offers him, considering limited scholarships.

Iman Marshall -- He has a good body, and did well in coverage on Sunday, showing that he has more than one tool in his arsenal by not chucking everyone at the line of scrimmage. He did spend a lot of time at receiver, and we'll just say it -- he's not a receiver. He just doesn't have great hands. He pulled up lame about halfway through one-on-ones and shut it down for the rest of the day.

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