VIDEO: Alford on First Postseason

Freshman guard Bryce Alford talks about the new uniforms, gearing up for his first time through the collegiate postseason, and the lingering effects of the Washington State game...

Bryce Alford:

On the new uniforms:
We all love them. We love them a lot. It takes a little use to getting use to the sleeves. I don't wear an undershirt. So that's why I'm wearing them today. And getting to wear them in practice because I haven't shot them.

On breaking in new shoes:
We get a lot of shoes, Adidas hooks us up with a lot of shoes, so I don't switch out my shoes too often. It will take a day or two of practice.

On coming off the WSU loss:
We have to get past it and move on. It was our worst game of the season. We played bad the entire game. We just have to come out in postseason play and demand a little more of ourselves and each other.

On his first collegiate postseason:
Just the guys who have been here, getting us ready, getting the freshman ready. Obviously it's a big deal. It's been a learning experience and we're just continuing to grow.

On not sweeping a road trip:
I wouldn't say concerned, we just have to go out there and prove we can do it. We've been there to do it. We've one the first game on the road trip, we just haven't won the second. We can do it.

On if the stakes raising help:
I don't know so much that, I think our guys will get up more for the games. It's not hard to get up for games in Vegas or in the NCAA Tournament.

On Oregon and Oregon State:
They're both very good teams. Oregon is a tough matchup with how they're playing. Oregon State has a lot of talented guys. Either one is going to be a tough matchup.

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