VIDEO: Zumwalt on Pro Day

UCLA linebacker Jordan Zumwalt talked about his improved performance on UCLA's Spaudling Field Tuesday as opposed to the NFL Combine...

Jordan Zumwalt talked Tuesday about his performance at UCLA Pro Day.

On his pro day:
I thought it went well. It went really well. I had a good time out there.

On his 40:
I did good. I think I ran faster than at the combine.

On his 40 at the combine and the video that went viral:
I didn't anticipate that they would be so zoomed into my face. That wasn't running through my head as I'm running my 40. I let my emotion get the best of me and I used some colorful language.

On if he ran a better 40 at Pro Day:
Yeah. No need for the F word.

On if he looks at it like a job interview:
Oh yeah, it is a job interview. Football is a career. Being a professional is a career. Our interview doesn't involve a suit and tie. Out here, our body does the tallking. You don't have to schmooze some guy over and buddy buddy him, you just go out and play ball. It is an absolute job interview. In every aspect. My computer programming isn't the best, so I let my legs do the programming.

On if Coach Mora gave him advice:
Absolutely. Our entire staff. Coach Mora, Ulbrich especially and Alosi. The type of information they give you is exceptional. Be fast. Don't be tense. Don't go run a 100 miles ahead. It's something you've done 100 times. You're not doing anything different, just doing it in front of people.

On if he's learning anything about his own game:
Yeah, I talked to the scouts and they informed me I need to keep my legs further apart. I get a little mechanical and my legs get too close together. I just need to stay relaxed.

On if he does any specific training:
No, not really. I have a little more legs.

On if there was more comfort level being on Spaulding:
Yeah, I loved it. This is Spaulding. It was cool being with all the guys, all the coaches. I haven't seen all these guys in like a month and a half, I haven't seen the coaches in like a month and a half. It was really really cool to come otu and be here with all the guys. It was a lot more fun.

On his versatility:
I can play everything, outside, inside. Every team is different. Some teams say they have me inside, some say they have me outside. It's all different. Everyone has something different. My versatility and ability to play all positions helps.

On if this past season helped make him a better prospect:
I feel like my senior year really made the jump. Midway through my season, I was talking to my coaches and they were talking to scouts and they said I was a nice surprise.

On his bowl game hit on Logan Thomas:
Yeah, I feel that was the topic in about 1,000 conversations. There was a lot of attention drawn to that and I think it might have been that extra oomph in the Senior Bowl.

On having to dial it back in the Senior Bowl:
I'm just trying to draw as much attention as I can, be me, do everything I can, and fit in everybody's scheme. There hasn't been a time someone told me to hold it back.

On if he looked at Pro Day as a competition against his teammates:
Nah. We competed against each other every day. I competed against Eric Kendricks, Myles Jack. The backers spefically. We compete every day. Offense vs. defense. Competing with these guys is nothing. We're competing with each other. It's exciting. It's a lot of fun.

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