Newsome Raves About Mora

2015 four-star Aledo (Tex.) wide receiver Ryan Newsome is one of UCLA's top priorities at receiver in the class, and his recruitment is being personally handled by head coach Jim Mora...

After missing on any number of smaller, quicker receivers in the 2014 class, UCLA has made that position one of its biggest priorities in the 2015 class. So the Bruins have prioritized Christian Kirk. And they've recruited Derrick Dillon hard. And even Isaiah Langley – who wants to play cornerback in college – is hearing a good deal from the Bruins, who would love for him to take a shot on offense.

But one player who could be especially coveted is Aledo (Tex.) wide receiver Ryan Newsome. The 5'9, 175-pound speedster says he hears from Jim Mora constantly, and is impressed with the attention he's gotten from the Bruins early.

"Coach Mora's really been the main one who's recruiting me," Newsome said. "Out of all the offers I've had and schools that have contacted me, he's the one head coach that's made it a point to involve himself in the recruitment a whole bunch. It means a lot, because he's taking time out of his day to talk to me. It shows a lot about him as a coach, how relentless he is as a head coach of an up-and-coming program. It says a lot about him and his staff."

The four-star says that UCLA is recruiting him primarily as a slot receiver, and that the Bruins have been on him since December, just before his team went to the state playoffs.

"They've been on me for a good long time now," Newsome said. "They want me to play slot receiver, punt returner, and kick returner. They told me that I was a top target for the position, me and Christian Kirk. Coach Mora told me that (Kirk and I) reminded him a lot of Percy Harvin, and guys like that. It means a lot for him to say that, because Percy Harvin is a great player, and he was a great player in high school and college. That's who I try to model my game after. That's high praise."

Newsome said that he and Kirk are actually friends, and that he was the one to actually bring up the idea that he and Kirk are similar-type players to the UCLA staff. In fact, he approached Mora to see if UCLA would be interested in the idea of having both of them.

"Christian is a good friend of mine," Newsome said. "We text back and forth quite a bit. I was actually the one to ask Coach Mora if it's a possibility we could play together because I think it'd be a lot of fun. They go four-wide a lot, and I'd be in a slot, and Kirk would be in another slot. I'd love to play with Christian. That'd be a crazy duo right there."

The Texas-based receiver has actually gotten around quite a bit on the camp circuit, and has friends from all across the West, many of whom are also UCLA prospects.

"I'm good friends with Biggie (Iman Marshall)," Newsome said. "I'm friends with Cordell Broadus. I know he just moved out to Bishop Gorman in Las Vegas. I'm really close with both of them, and Kahlil McKenzie. Those guys are good friends of mine."

Moving the 1000+ miles to California also wouldn't feel like too much of a stretch for him. Newsome says he has "close cousins" in Chula Vista, near San Diego, who would help provide a support circle for him.

Ryan Newsome.
"I have never been to California before, though," Newsome said. "I've been to a bunch of places all over, but I've never been out there. I really want to make a trip out there soon. Very soon. I'm going to get up there very soon. I'm kind of limited in the out-of-state visits I can take, so I'll have to really sit down and talk with my parents, because I want to make it a point to prioritize a trip to UCLA."

Newsome said he was going to try to hit Los Angeles in the spring, but said that he really just wants to make sure to visit before the summer. He speculated that June 9th could be the date.

With 22 offers, Newsome says that there are a few schools that are standing out with the amount of attention they're showing him. Including UCLA, he's hearing a good deal from Florida State, Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and Oregon.

"I'm actually visiting Oklahoma on Thursday, and then Texas Tech on Friday," Newsome said. "I also want to visit Oregon sometime this spring or summer."

As a receiver, Newsome is obviously dependent on the quarterback throwing him the ball, so he's closely eyeing quarterback recruiting and future depth charts of the team he's considering to figure out what will be there if and when he chooses a particular school.

"It's very important (to consider who a school is recruiting at quarterback)," Newsome said. "I don't want the quarterback position to be shaky, by any means. I want it to be stable when I go in there. One of the guys I know, Josh Rosen, I think he's pretty much going to commit to UCLA this week, and that's pretty big for them. That's a big-time quarterback, and Brett Hundley's about to leave, and so he could walk in and right away compete for the job. You know, as a receiver, you want to play for a top-tier quarterback. So I look at that as another factor in my decision a little bit."

Also playing into it will be what Newsome refers to as a "family atmosphere", particularly if he moves away from Texas. He said he wants to visit the schools he's seriously considering because he wants to make sure he can see himself there for 3 or 4 years, and make sure that he will be able to adapt to his surroundings. He said, though, that distance is not an issue and that he doesn't "put a fence around his recruitment."

As for a timeframe for his recruitment, Newsome says that he'll definitely cut his list down to five or ten by the start of the summer, and that he could actually think about committing if the situation is right with any school.

"I'm really a guy who just looks at if it's the best possible time for me, and when I know that, that's when I'll commit," Newsome said. "I don't really have a timetable or anything like that. But ideally, committing after the season would give me enough time to go on all the visits, which would be great because I could see every place I might be interested in.

"But when it happens, it happens. That's just the kind of guy I am."

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