VIDEO: Anderson after Oregon

The UCLA guard, Kyle Anderson, talked about the win over the Ducks, his dunk and more...

UCLA guard Kyle Anderson talked after the Bruins' quarterfinal win over Oregon in the Pac-12 Tournament.

On closing out the first half:
I think I scored the seven points in the final four minutes.  I knew when I came off the bench, I needed to do something to help my team get an edge.

On his dunk:
It was last minute,.  It all happened so fast.  I went up as high as I could and tried to dunk it.  The first person I saw was Zack and he was all excited and it got me going.

On if he's had a dunk like that before:
Not like that, that was pretty nasty.  I felt like I didn't have an effect on the game.  I knew I had to do something, find goes open make a block, but I needed to have an effect on the game.

On Oregon being a hot team:
We were up for the challenge.  We knew how good of a team that Oregon was, they had won 8 in a row, beat Arizona. We were up for it, our guys knew what we had to do, and we were up for the challenge.  Now we have to sustain it. We know with our schedule it's going to be tough, playing in less than 24 hours.

On measuring revenge after losing to Oregon in the championship game last year:
Definitely, they sent me home my freshman year.  I was pretty upset.  We had an unfortunate injury. To beat them here, that felt good.

On if this was their best game:
I would say that.  We played a great 40 minutes.  It was just 20 minutes, it wasn't just the first half, it wasn't the second half, it was a great 40 minutes.

On if there was another game like that this year:
I'm not sure.  Probably USC in the beginning of the season.  I think we gave a great 40 minutes.

On what was different:
Our guys know it's win or go home.  We don't want to go to class tomorrow.  We gave all we had. We focused on the game.  Coach preached concentration.


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