VIDEO: Adams after Oregon

The sophomore guard, Jordan Adams, talked about finally getting a shot at Oregon in the Pac-12 Tournament...

UCLA guard Jordan Adams talked about finally getting a chance to play Oregon in the Pac-12 Tournament, returning to where he injured his foot a year ago, beating the Ducks and more.

On the second half burst:
Win or go home.  We were tied at halftime. We had a little rest, and coach specifically said, this is their second, second half in two days and this is our first.

On avenging the loss from last year's title game:
They beat us here last year and I broke my foot, so when I got out on the court, it brought the memories back and I wanted to play so bad.

On how tough it was watching last year's game:
It was very hard.  Me suffering the injury.  I was trying to battle through that. As soon as I stepped on the court and saw Oregon, I was like 'I'm glad I'm playing this time."

On their energy level being different:
We trusted our offense more.  Guys moving the ball around and spreading the ball around and guard every possession.

On if this was their best game:
Yeah, I think so. If we could play like this consistently, we could be pretty good.

On what the biggest difference is:
That's the million dollar question.  We're trying to figure it out. We practice hard leading up to this tournament.

On erasing the Washington State loss:
As soon as we got back to L.A., we put it away.  That really showed how much we dedicated ourselves to focusing on Oregon.

On his own improvements:
Moving without the ball.  Last year I would be standing in the corner and moving without the ball.  Without Shabazz, I have more focus and attention on me.

On if they feel dangerous now:
We think we can, but now we have to show it.  That was on the board today, no more talking, now we have to show it.


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