VIDEO: Adams on Team Peaking

Jordan Adams talks about the three-pointer against Arizona, the improvement in Norman Powell's game, and the importance of playing in San Diego in the NCAA Tournament...

Jordan Adams:

On the teams mindset entering the NCAA Tournament:
Everybody is more energetic, we're much liver, we're all healthy and enjoying winning the Pac-12 championship.

On the significance of being in San Diego:
I think it's very significant being close to home the first few games, to get acclimated to the tournament. Hopefully our fans can come out and support us.

On if they were checking brackets after they beat Arizona:
We knew we'd be finding out the true seedings so we wanted to wait.

On peaking at the right time:
Our bracket is loaded so I'm glad we're playing our best basketball right now.

On getting to play in the NCAA Tournament for the first time:
I'm excited. Last year I couldn't travel with the team because of surgery. I'm excited for my first time.

On how many times he's watched his three-pointer against Arizona:
I've probably watched it 20 times.

On if he was fouled on the shot:
Watching it more, I think I was fouled. The refs probably weren't going to call that.

On how many times he's practiced that shot at home:
You do that all the time. It wasn't 3,2,1, but it was a pretty big shot.

On what Coach Alford said in the huddle:
Really he just said we were drawing up the play 'money' and we all just look around smiling. We all knew what the play was. It's a 3-pointer, most people wouldn't go for that in that situation. We were all excited because we practice that play in practice.

On what Ben Howland's reaction would be to that shot:
He wouldn't be smiling at all. I don't know what Coach Howland's reaction would be. Coach Alford is very open and has been around NBA sets and NBA coaches and knew what to draw up at the right time.

On what the team is doing best right now:
Defensive rebounding and playing better defensively running back in transition. We got out fast in fast breaks. We have athletic guys like Kyle that can do that and push it ahead.

On if this is their most complete team in the past two years:
Yeah, I think so. We just need to stay consistent.

On Norman Powell's improvement:
It's key to our team. Other teams try to stop me and Kyle and they forget about Norman and how good he is. He scored like the first 11 points against Stanford and that really helped us.


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